Borderlands movie closer to being a reality

It seems Aaron Berg is on board as the screenwriter.

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If you're among those aching for a Borderlands movie, then you'll be pleased to hear that new developments over in Hollywood point to the project taking a step closer to reality. According to The Hollywood Reporter, comedian and writer Aaron Berg has been attached to the project as scriptwriter, with producers Avi and Ari Arad aiming for an "edgy" movie that's something akin to "Mad Max in space.

Of course, this is Hollywood, and we're talking about a movie based on a video game, so best not invest in popcorn just yet, as we may have to wait quite a while for this one to make an appearance. You never know, we might even get Borderlands 3 first, with Gearbox recently confirming that they'll start work on their third game in the series just as soon as Battleborn is wrapped up.


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