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Borderlands movie casts Edgar Ramirez as Atlas

One of the big arms manufacturers now has a face to go with the name.

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The Borderlands movie has been slowly releasing a trickle of information regarding who will be portraying each character in the movie, and while we already knew that Cate Blanchett, Kevin Hart, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jack Black, and few others are already lined up to play Lilith, Roland, Tannis, and Claptrap for example, we now have a new cast addition to report on.

Edgar Ramirez (most recently known for Netflix's Yes Day) will be joining the Eli Roth directed flick as Atlas, "a business titan and arms manufacturer, and the most powerful person in the universe," as Deadline reports.

According to the casting news, Atlas will control the fate of a lot of the characters in the Borderlands universe, and will be charismatic, charming, but also menacing beneath the surface.

As Borderlands aficionados might notice, Atlas is not a character in the game series, but one that has been created for the movie. The Atlas corporation is a very important part of the games, particularly in Borderlands 3 and the Tales from the Borderlands, but Ramirez's role and character is something new to the Borderlands universe.

Borderlands movie casts Edgar Ramirez as Atlas

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