Borderlands movie adds Olivier Richters to the cast

He will play the bandit leader Krom.

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Yesterday we reported on a few different pieces of news relating to the upcoming Borderlands movie. We covered the cast addition of Edgar Ramirez as Atlas, and how the film's universe will be different to that of the game's. But, the train isn't stopping, as we know about another cast addition coming to the film, Olivier Richters as the bandit boss Krom.

First reported by IGN, Richters is known for being a bodybuilder, but has also seen appearances in several movies and TV shows, such as Gangs of London, and the soon to release Black Widow and The King's Man.

Standing at 7'2", Richters will portray the "turret-firing" leader of the psycho bandits plaguing Pandora, and he will likely be one of the main antagonists in the movie. Aside from this, very little else has been revealed in regard to Krom's place in the movie's narrative, but as the film moves further along its production, we'll likely find out a little more.

Borderlands movie adds Olivier Richters to the cast

Thanks, IGN.

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