Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3's Director's Cut DLC will launch March 18

The DLC will include a new raid boss and several new challenges.

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Borderlands 3 Season 2 holders will soon have access to the next slice of content coming to the looter shoot. The Director's Cut DLC is set to launch March 18, and it includes a new raid boss, new challenges, and new behind-the-scenes footage. The Director's Cut follows the Designer's Cut, which launched in November and added a new roguelike Arms Race mode.

The part of the DLC that we are most excited for is the new raid boss, Hemovorous The Invincible. This "a gargantuan Varkid " is said to pose a huge threat to players, but the reward for taking her down is some extremely valuable loot. She will always remain a formidable threat too regardless of your level, as her difficulty scales for each level beyond 35. We'd say that it certainly wouldn't hurt to bring a friend or two along for the ride here.

Another exciting edition is the behind-the-scenes content. This is set to include a gallery full of concept art, storyboards, and footage taken throughout the game's development. This we imagine will excite many things as it will provide some insight into the formation of the game that hasn't really been seen to date.

Of course, with the update large we haven't been able to touch upon all of its additions in detail. For the full list of inclusions be sure to check out the following post.

Borderlands 3

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