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Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3's Bloody Harvest starts this week

Gearbox is getting Halloweeny with its looter shooter, sending us all the way to Heck for some new challenges.

A lot of games are getting in the Halloween spirit recently, and Borderlands 3 is no different, as Gearbox Software has announced that the seasonal event Bloody Harvest is starting on October 24 and running all the way until December 5.

You'll need to have unlocked Sanctuary III in the story to get access to this content, at which point Maurice will appear as a new character, who will act as a guide to all seasonal events in the game.

He'll give you a repeatable mission that needs to be completed to reach Heck, and this involves collecting Hecktoplasm, dropped when killing Haunted enemies. These bad guys glow green, and once you get this substance a portal opens to take you to Captain Haunt's land.

There are new enemies and creatures to scare you silly in this event, and Captain Haunt is the final boss of Bloody Harvest, requiring all your might to defeat. It's worth it though, as enemies drop event-exclusive gear like a Fearmonger legendary shotgun.

There are also Anointed weapons that use the new Terror mechanic as well, inflicting a debuff that affects your aim and clouds your vision. Anointed weapons, however, turn Terror into a power boost.

Cosmetic items are included in the event too, although these don't drop in Heck. There are skins for each character, a seasonal Echo Device Skin, a shrunken head weapon trinket, and a spooky global weapon skin as well, and you earn them by completing exclusive challenges.

Are you ready to head in?

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