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Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3: "we wanted to go much deeper and much broader"

Gearbox's Anthony Nicholson talks us through what we can expect to see from the next entry in the sci-fi shooter series.

During the recent gameplay reveal for Borderlands 3 we had the opportunity to sit down with a couple of key members from the team (you can watch our interview with lead writer Danny Homan right here) and find out more about what Gearbox is cooking up for the long-anticipated return of the series.

Among the people that we spoke to was senior producer Anthony Nicholson, who had a few interesting things to tell us about what's new to the game, especially when compared to Borderlands 2.

"We have a lot more guns, we have more environments that you're going to be able to travel to. We've really taken that formula and just kind of doubled down, and we just wanted to go much deeper and much broader."

Nicholson also said that the studio wants to "add to environments that make it really cool and interactive. Like destructible cover: we have the different barrels that you guys saw, that is like the corrosive or cryo and ice and things like that. And the different interactive objects, like shooting a pipe and oil comes out and now I shoot a barrel and that whole puddle is on fire if it was a fire barrel."

We were also told how in Borderlands 3 we'll be leaving Pandora behind and visiting different systems, although he wouldn't be drawn into confirming how many there would be. That said, Nicholson did mention that overall it would be bigger than Borderlands 2.

During the interview we also talked a bit about guns, villainous enemies inspired by gaming culture, interacting with both newcomers and familiar faces from past entries, new classes and how we'll be able to differentiate them, and more. Check it below, and head this way for our hands-on preview.

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