Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Photo Mode is now live

Those wanting to take some stellar screenshots in Borderlands 3 can now do so on PC and console.

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The so-called Photo Mode seems to have become a common feature in video games. By using the feature you can stop the game session, move around, apply different filters and then get a good screenshot of what you are trying to capture.

We have seen Photo Modes in Days Gone, Control and now in Borderlands 3 as well. Gearbox's looter shooter has been out for over a month, and you can read our review about it right here.

According to Comicbook, Photo Mode has already been present in the PC version, but has just now came to consoles as well. So now PS4 and Xbox One players are able to take good screenshots while playing.

Tell us in the comments, is a Photo Mode something that you prefer in modern games.

Borderlands 3

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