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Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 is now 2K's fastest-selling game

And Gearbox's loot-filled shooter did particularly well on PC despite the Epic exclusivity deal.

The numbers are in and no doubt the accountants at 2K will be happy right now after the company confirmed exceptional sales for Borderlands 3.

With more than five million copies sold-in to retailers in just five days, the game has managed to double to performance of Borderlands 2 at launch. It's also the fastest-selling game ever made by 2K, and only the second 2K franchise to hit $1 billion in sales (that's a dollar for every gun in the game - neat).

It may be a sign of the times, but Borderlands 3 was a popular download, with 70% of sales being digital across all platforms. A part of that success no doubt came from PC, where the game was confirmed as 2K's fastest-selling on the platform - and that's despite the much-discussed Epic exclusivity deal that annoyed so many Steam owners.

If you're not among the five million to take the plunge, check out our video review below to find out more about Gearbox's latest loot-filled shooter.

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