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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk looks to wow Jet Set Radio fans

Hideki Naganuma supports the game with his "musical brain waves".

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Team Reptile's indie developers gave us a first look at their next game earlier this week. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a crazy tribute to the Dreamcast classic Jet Set Radio and there certainly are some parallels between these two games. First of all, we play a character that wants to come out big in a huge metropolis and therefore starts a fight with some strange characters of rival crews. The goal of the game is apparently to spray the city's different districts with your own tags and not getting caught by the cops.

In Bomb Rush Cyberfunk we can perform skate tricks and we assume that these exaggerated possibilities of movement are being used to reach hard-to-reach places to tag. Each level is a freely explorable neighbourhood that we can visit for a whole day, the Steam post says. This solo adventure will not be released this year, but Hideki Naganuma, the original composer of Jet Set Radio, will provide us with his "musical brain waves" as soon as this project is realized.

Bomb Rush CyberfunkBomb Rush CyberfunkBomb Rush Cyberfunk
Bomb Rush CyberfunkBomb Rush Cyberfunk
Bomb Rush CyberfunkBomb Rush CyberfunkBomb Rush Cyberfunk

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