Bollywood-inspired RPG for PC and consoles announced

Prepare for a turn-based RPG that looks unlike any game we've seen before.

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We know there are many of you who really love Bollywood, but despite being very popular with movies and TV-series, we haven't seen many video games created with inspiration from Hindi cinema.

Now the Toronto-based studio Thousand Stars has decided to do something about this and announces Aikyam, which will be released for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X at a yet to be revealed date. You can check out what this highly unique turn-based RPG looks like in the announcement video below, and here is the official synopsis from Steam:

"The village of Aikyam is in turmoil! Chaos reigns supreme following the sudden and mysterious disappearance of the beloved co-mayors. Demons, eager to snatch the almighty Celestial Glue, are preparing to plunge the world into eternal darkness. It's up to Vishva, Ramli, and Guru-ji to dazzle the hearts of disgruntled villagers with extravagant turn-based battles and rally them against the demons in this Bollywood-inspired fantasy RPG!"


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