Arma III

Bohemia details plans for Arma III in 2016

Eden Update arrives in February with expansion Apex due in Q2.

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Bohemia Interactive have released a video with creative director Jay Crowe detailing ten things about Arma III in 2015 and a further ten highlights ahead in 2016.

Arma III was originally released in September, 2013 and Bohemia have been keeping busy updating the game continously. 2016 will be no exception. One of the highlights is the new Apex expansion that will add a 100 km² South Pacific island archipelago of Tanoa along with a new co-op campaign, weapons and vehicles. Apex is due out in the second quarter and will set you back £24.99 - the pre-order went live today and it is currently 20% off.

But it's not just paid content as players can also expect free updates. In February players will get the Eden Update - introducing the Eden 3D Editor that allows for rather complex user created scenarios.


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