BMW showcases another car that can change colour

All as part of a collaboration with a South African artist.

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BMW has been playing around with the idea of a colour-changing car for some years now, all using its E Ink technology. This essentially sees parts of the car covered with millions of microcapsules that, like an e-book reader, can be programmed to change colour by applying an electric voltage through them, and we've seen this in action once again at an art exhibition in Los Angeles.

As part of a collaboration alongside South African artist Esther Mahlangu, the 12th BMW Art Car has debuted, with this based on a BMW 525i, and seeing the 88-year-old artist's colours and signature style making the car come to life in a more vibrant way than ever before.

BMW notes that this latest Art Car serves as the next step forward for its E Ink system, which has improved massively and is closer to be ready and available more widely. BMW does add though, "This latest phase of development now enables even more colours and patterns. At the same time, the sections of the film are more robust - which could make potential future series production easier. However, for the time being, the BMW i5 Flow NOSTOKANA will remain one of a kind."

Check out the colourful car below.

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BMW showcases another car that can change colour

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