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BMW 5 Series Sedan goes all-electric

The car even has a fully vegan interior.

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BMW is leaning into becoming a truly environmentally friendly car manufacturer with the latest iteration of the 5 Series Sedan. As noted in a press release, we're told that the most recent iteration of the BMW i5 is set to be all-electric and will boast a fully vegan interior to boot.

Set to begin shipping in October 2023, this car will be slightly larger than previous models and will also offer hybrid power options in the form of petrol or diesel engines that complement the 48-volt all-electric drive feature.

This model of the i5 will also boast an improved entertainment suite, including in-car gaming using the AirConsole platform to play "so-called casual games while the vehicle is stationary".

There is no word as to the price of the i5 as of yet, but you can read more about the finer performance details in the press release here.

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BMW 5 Series Sedan goes all-electric

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