Fear the Spotlight

Blumhouse is getting into the games business with Fear the Spotlight

The 90s-inspired horror game is being developed by Cozy Game Pals.

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As part of the Day of the Devs broadcast it was just revealed that production company Blumhouse is getting into the world of video game development by publishing Cozy Game Pals' next project.

Known as Fear the Spotlight, the game is described as a "love letter to classic 90s horror experiences with a focus on rich storytelling, puzzle solving, and a tense atmosphere." As for what this means, you can look forward to retro 3D art, no jump scares, tactile puzzles, eerie exploration, and a few stealth sequences.

In terms of the storyline, this is set to be a classic teen horror tale about discovering the truth behind a tragic fire in the 1990s. The exact plot synopsis can be seen below:

"Sunnyside High has a dark history. When Vivian enters the deserted corridors for a seance with the rebellious Amy, she suddenly ends up alone, and at the mercy of the monster who wanders the halls. Vivian must avoid its gaze, find her friend, and uncover the disturbing, murderous truth of a decades old tragedy."

As for when Fear the Spotlight will be making its debut, it will be coming sometime during 2024 on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X/S, and Switch. Check out the reveal trailer below.

Fear the SpotlightFear the SpotlightFear the Spotlight

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