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Bluepoint Games co-founder Andy O'Neil has died

"Andy's contributions to the gaming industry will never be forgotten."

Andy O'Neil, the co-founder of Bluepoint Games, has passed away, as his studio confirmed earlier this week.

O'Neil - who was originally from Birmingham, England - founded the studio, which is based in Austin, Texas, back in 2006. He did so after having been involved in the development of Turok: Rage Wars and Turok: Shadow of Oblivion at Acclaim, working as a technical lead on the first two Metroid Prime games too.

Bluepoint Games started off by developing Blast Factor, a PS3 launch title, but the studio would go on to specialise in remastering existing games and porting them to new platforms, and his team has worked on projects such as Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Shadow of the Colossus.

"We are sad to announce the passing of one of our founders, Andy O'Neil. Andy was key in the formation of Bluepoint Games and his engineering prowess helped catapult a tiny two-person studio to where we are today."

"Andy, never afraid of a challenge, drove us to undertake difficult projects and exceed expectations. He would remind us that we do this work not because it is easy, but because it is hard. He always pushed Bluepoint to do great things and we will continue his legacy," the studio wrote in a statement.

"Andy's contributions to the gaming industry will never be forgotten. We are saddened by his passing, but grateful he will forever be a part of our lives."

We'd like to pass on our condolences to Andy's family at this sad time.

Bluepoint Games co-founder Andy O'Neil has died

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