Blue Fire

Blue Fire is receiving a free DLC update on September 30

The Void of Sorrows DLC contains two new areas, a new boss, and 16 Voids.

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Owners of Blue Fire will be pleased to hear that a free DLC update for the game is releasing on September 30. The DLC is called Void of Sorrows and it contains two new areas, a new boss, and 16 Voids (challenging platforming areas). In total, this is said to be around five hours of content, which is pretty substantial considering that it's free of charge.

Blue Fire, if you're unaware, is a tricky 3D platformer that sees you traverse your surroundings using a variety of ninja abilities. It launched earlier this year after being revealed within a Nintendo Indie World showcase, and in our initial review we said: "Blue Fire is a game well worth playing for fans of classic platformers and adventure games."

You can take a look at a teaser trailer for Void of Sorrows in the video above.

Blue Fire

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