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Blue Eye Samurai looks like an incredible revenge story

A stacked cast, the writer of Logan and Bladerunner 2049, and some brilliant visuals make this one to watch.

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Netflix showcased a lot when it came to animation at its recent Drop 01 event. We saw trailers for a new Lara Croft show, the Devil May Cry anime, and more. We also got to see some great original projects, such as Blue Eye Samurai.

Blue Eye Samurai follows a warrior who's different from the majority of people in Japan. Her blue eyes make some call her demon, and her sword skill seems to match. However, her story is one of revenge, as when she was born four white men made their way to Japan.

One of them took her mother, and made the Blue Eye Samurai. As you can see in the teaser below, there's going to be a lot of bloody violence when it launches in November, so check it out below if you're looking for a new bit of gory animation.


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