Nightmare Kart

Bloodborne-inspired Nightmare Kart now available for download

After a brief delay to sort out some copyright issues, the racing game is here.

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Lilith Walther is the name behind the famous Bloodborne mod, which recreated From Software's Victorian masterpiece in a gorgeous retro version that could, in theory, have been released for the PlayStation (1). Not content with that, the creator wanted to create more Bloodborne-related retro projects and shortly afterwards developed a new Mario Kart-inspired rally game set in Yharnam, complete with familiar drivers including Gehrman, Vicar Amelia and Gascoigne.

The project received great appreciation from excited players and after a few minor changes to the character library and a name change from the original Bloodborne Kart, the finished product is available to enjoy as we speak. The corrections to the material made for rights purposes were relatively minor, which means that Nightmare Kart, as the game is called today, is still strongly reminiscent of Bloodborne and its mythology, albeit in a delightfully pixelated retro format.

The price tag is also a generous one because Nightmare Kart does not cost a penny to download and as we mentioned earlier, you are free to do so now by surfing over here and start your racing already tonight. By the way, Nightmare Kart will also be released for Steam in the future.

Does Nightmare Kart look like something for you?

Nightmare Kart

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