here a ZOMBIE tip

I want to talk about zombie because hey am i the only one who thinks that the world would end by zombies in 12/21/12? Many people would think hey if zombies are walking around i'll just get a gun and start killing them. All I got to say to that is that would work for a short time. Fireing a gun is like ranging the dinner bell to them and your are the meal. Use a blade. A blade has a lot of good use there is no need to reload, there is no noise when useing it, it is easy to carry because it is light weight. some of you may already know that but just incase you didnt know. leave a comment it lets me know that people are readying wat i post and check out my other post


Gear of war 4?

I was thinking about Gears and I really do not think they are done with Gears. What I think they would end up doing is what happen to Halo. At first they were saying halo 3 was going to be the last game, and what happen Halo odst, Halo wars, and Halo reach. What im trying to say is that I think they should make a Gears of war game showing what happen before the first Gears of war game, or make a Gears game with the Locust point of view. Like RAAM's Shadow when I got to play as RAAM that was a really nice part of the game. I read the books and there are still a lot of things that should had been shown in the game. let me know what you think should they make another Gears? or is Gears of war 3 really the last game?


old people and video games

Old people are always saying that playing video game is a bad thing, that playing video games is wasteing time. It funny because they have never sat down and played one. Never judge a book by it's cover. They do not know all the good that can come from video game. This is a few things I have learn from playing video game, never give up there is always a way, how to work well with others, social skills, and to think outside of the box if you can not do it one way think and find another way. People who say video games are a waste of time tell them the good things about video games and try to get them to set down and play.
I'll like to know what you have learn from playing video games or if you think they are a waste of time let me know why?

should gears of war have a free for all?

I think it should have a free for all mode. Everyone knows in gears if you are not in a party and you are playing with randoms you may do good but if you are facing a full party your just going to get own. I play free for all with three other of my firends we just play wingmen without a friend or a bot. We have a lot of fun. In a free for all match with out a party if your are good you would do good. Then you do not have to get all mad at your team for lossing, because if you loss it is all on you. Hey some people just like to show off their skills in a free for all match is a great way to show off it is alway going to be a 1v8