sG looking for people

sG is the name of the new gears of war clan im in we have over 15 people in it. we are still looking for more if you want to join just message me on xbox live to my new GT sG the BUTCHER or on twitter @sG_the_BUTCHER for faster reply try twitter. all you need to tryout is a mike, and willing to change your gamer tag. we do give you time to change your GT cus we understand that not everyone has money up the ass all the time that they can just buy whatever. on monday-firday I get on at 8:30p.m. east coast time and on the weekends i get on at w.e. time i feel like it. you do not need to get on everyday, but it would be good if you can


E3 xbox, ps3, and wii u

The big 3 at E3 all had awesome new shit some better then other. Lets start of with xbox Halo4 looks like it's gooding to be good and im not just saying that because im a Halo nerd. Halo looks better the new guns, the robots to fight they looked like robots not to sure what they are yet. Im a big sports fan of basket ball and hockey and when i found out that they would be coming to the xbox that was good news, and finally the xbox is going to have internet it took them around six years to get that but its here.
PS3 the last of us the gameplay was something people would be talking about they didnt not and zombies in it but they did show the how nice it looks the sound the lighting and how big the world is. What they show was him and the girl running around a buliding killing some people in a badass fucking way. Then there was Beyond from the makers of heavry rain. It's about a girl who is in linked with a ghost and you play 15 years of her life as she trys to understand everything. The game looks almost real thats how good it looks. For some reason that I yet to find out there is a S.W.A.T. team after her.
Last we have the Wii U. The Wii U didnt wow me like xbox or ps3 did. they didnt really have anything that good, because most of the game are for little kids and some r just remakes. The only game that made me jump was ZombiU It takes place in the UK and zombies are running around eatting everything. From what i heard if u die in this game you become a zombie.
Now that you read what i loved at E3 tell me what you found fucking awesome or what you didnt like


The world is coming to a end OMG!!!!!!!!

I don't write as much but this week has been so crazy with zombies and so much things to talk bout like E3. Now I want to tell you all bout the crazy men from New Jersey. His name is Wayne Carter and he stabed himself in the abdomen, neck, and legs. The cops use pepper spray but for some reason it had no affect on him. The men threw bits of his skin and intestines at the officers. I dont know what you guys think but thats some crazy shit. First the crazy men who ate someone face off in miami and now a crazy men who cuts himself and throws his skin at cops. People are crazy its a sign that the world is coming to a end in 2012.

E3 cant wait

E3 starts on monday and i can't wait to see what is going to happen to the xbox. Im really looking forward to seeing gameplay of halo4 I love halo, want to see black ops 2 gameplay. I was rignt for those of you who read my blog I wrote that gears of war was not over I just found out that they are making a new gears. Now I just got to wait to monday to find out if I was 100% right with it being events that happen before gears of war one. I'll like to know what you are looking forward to in dis up coming E3. Just leave a comment down below

zombies in miami florida

So im from miami florida im sure you heard about but if you haven't well here you are. A men attacked another men and ate the men's face off. To make it even more weird the men was butt naked when he went out and ate the dudes face. The cops show up and tell the men to stop but he just looks at them and growls at them and goes back to eating the men's face. Cops shot the guy around six times before he die. Now i dont know about you but that sounds like a zombie to me so get ready they coming. This is a true story look it up if you want to