E3 xbox, ps3, and wii u

The big 3 at E3 all had awesome new shit some better then other. Lets start of with xbox Halo4 looks like it's gooding to be good and im not just saying that because im a Halo nerd. Halo looks better the new guns, the robots to fight they looked like robots not to sure what they are yet. Im a big sports fan of basket ball and hockey and when i found out that they would be coming to the xbox that was good news, and finally the xbox is going to have internet it took them around six years to get that but its here.
PS3 the last of us the gameplay was something people would be talking about they didnt not and zombies in it but they did show the how nice it looks the sound the lighting and how big the world is. What they show was him and the girl running around a buliding killing some people in a badass fucking way. Then there was Beyond from the makers of heavry rain. It's about a girl who is in linked with a ghost and you play 15 years of her life as she trys to understand everything. The game looks almost real thats how good it looks. For some reason that I yet to find out there is a S.W.A.T. team after her.
Last we have the Wii U. The Wii U didnt wow me like xbox or ps3 did. they didnt really have anything that good, because most of the game are for little kids and some r just remakes. The only game that made me jump was ZombiU It takes place in the UK and zombies are running around eatting everything. From what i heard if u die in this game you become a zombie.
Now that you read what i loved at E3 tell me what you found fucking awesome or what you didnt like