Gear of war 4?

I was thinking about Gears and I really do not think they are done with Gears. What I think they would end up doing is what happen to Halo. At first they were saying halo 3 was going to be the last game, and what happen Halo odst, Halo wars, and Halo reach. What im trying to say is that I think they should make a Gears of war game showing what happen before the first Gears of war game, or make a Gears game with the Locust point of view. Like RAAM's Shadow when I got to play as RAAM that was a really nice part of the game. I read the books and there are still a lot of things that should had been shown in the game. let me know what you think should they make another Gears? or is Gears of war 3 really the last game?