Inspector Gadgets

Written by Strategist on the 28th of February 2013 at 09:36

Do you like drawing? Would you like your art to stick out from the paper and become alive?

3Doodler seems to be the most amazing concept for a drawing tool yet. WoobleWorks is behind the hand-held 3D-printer which allows you to draw 3D drawings, in mid air.

The product is still in development, but through their Kickstarter campaign you can join legions of others to support their work and ensure you'll get your own 3Doodler before everyone else.

The campaign can be found here: http://kck.st/Yt7maS

I coughed up 109 dollars last week to get my own pen by December, and just since then the number of pledges have increased by 3000 and more than $200k. If you think this seems like an interesting concept to you, you should check out he campaign and the Youtube-videos they have created.

Inspector Gadgets

Image: http://xkcd.com/924/