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Legend Bob Marley

Legend Bob Marley

Right now Im sitting here infront of the computer and listening to the ol' legend Bob Marley. I´m pretty sure that most of you guys (And girls) know who he´s, but for you that has been living under a cave for some years Bob Marley is a rasta-god.

Even the biggest hardcore-metal fan could tune
in Bob Marley on the radio and love it. I listen
for the most to Hiphop, which is Rasta´s "little brother".

I feel that this is the perfect time to listen to him, because it´s summer. Right now I´m listening to Hotel California, which is superb. I´ve heard thusands of covers on this masterpiece, but this one is my favorite.

The other day I found a song called "The Sun is Shining" (By Bob Marley of course), I remembered the lyrics but I wasnt familiar with the music. That´s when I found out that way back I listened to the "Funkstar Deluxe mix" of it.

"Afrika Unite!", you heard me. I decided to turn on this sweet, jazzy, inspiring song. It reminds me about summer, in some way.

Too bad he´s dead, because I really wanted to see a live-show with him. When seeing a video with him on a live-show the audience... Let´s just say it looks magic! ^^

From 0 to 100 of one week

From 0 to 100 of one week

The last days of my life sort of accelerated violently. I have been accustomed to walking in the lecture, go home and eat dinner, slacks a little on the couch before I cook some submissions. No appointments I have. No job I have. Not I train. Not I collect stamps. I'm studying, eating, partying and playing. Reader perhaps a book on the bed. Commitment Resolved. Leisurely.

Now it may change. A week ago I was contacted by Aki, a startup company at NTNU specializing in beaconteknologi, and they invited me into his office for a chat. Well, I say, and show up. They serve nuts and wonder what animal I identify with. Cat, I say. I attended a workshop where Aki needed help with a case a few months ago, and then so they obviously mon in me. Perhaps I am being taken up in business as interaction designer? I am awaiting a response from them quote system tomorrow.

Not enough: Today I was raised in Start NTNU Department NGA. NGA stands for Norwegian Game Awards and is a national event including wanting to inspire more game development in Norway. This year's best entrants game win 30 000, so here it is only for those who attend Gamereactor Academy (and anyone else who develops something on say) to sign up for next year. And a representative from GR editors should perhaps also be present * winks * wank ...

Insanely stress? Ehh, right now it seems a little overwhelming, but I'm convinced it's going to be insanely fat!

Help us to name the cat (little competition)

Help us to name the cat (little competition)

Help us to name the cat (little competition)
We've got another cat, and yet we struggle to find names.

Last time I asked the forum for help cat name suggested Archana that we were calling the cat "Ellie". The cat was called that and it suits her very nice.

This time we want to play on the colors of the cat. Look at the picture. Fire? Autumn? Female two-face?

Now is your chance to influence our lives, yes, it is big stuff this, with a nice name for a cat. Best suggestion is transferred to the cat. There must be enough prize itself.

Requirement: There must funke that girl's name, and it must be possible to say (and shout and yell and slam with) without tying himself in the throat.