Legend Bob Marley

Legend Bob Marley

Right now Im sitting here infront of the computer and listening to the ol' legend Bob Marley. I´m pretty sure that most of you guys (And girls) know who he´s, but for you that has been living under a cave for some years Bob Marley is a rasta-god.

Even the biggest hardcore-metal fan could tune
in Bob Marley on the radio and love it. I listen
for the most to Hiphop, which is Rasta´s "little brother".

I feel that this is the perfect time to listen to him, because it´s summer. Right now I´m listening to Hotel California, which is superb. I´ve heard thusands of covers on this masterpiece, but this one is my favorite.

The other day I found a song called "The Sun is Shining" (By Bob Marley of course), I remembered the lyrics but I wasnt familiar with the music. That´s when I found out that way back I listened to the "Funkstar Deluxe mix" of it.

"Afrika Unite!", you heard me. I decided to turn on this sweet, jazzy, inspiring song. It reminds me about summer, in some way.

Too bad he´s dead, because I really wanted to see a live-show with him. When seeing a video with him on a live-show the audience... Let´s just say it looks magic! ^^