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SNES Classic Mini - Latest Review

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SNES Classic Mini Review - Learn everything about the new Nintendo SNES Classic Mini just launched! The SNES Classic Mini is packed with 24 classic Nintendo games, has 4 GB Ram & extra digital features. Check the SNES Classic Mini specs & price.

SNES Classic Mini Review - The arcaderace games fan cannot beat Super Mario Kart. The racing game turned out to be a shot on the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) in 1992, and has helped make Nintendo so big. The classic Super Mario Kart now gets a second life with the launch of the Nintendo Classic Mini Super Nintendo Entertainment System, a remake of the original SNES, with a total of 21 game classics pre-programmed.

Is the SNES Classic Mini an ideal gift for the holidays?

Age of VR gaming and 4K graphics

Let's start with a question: 16-bit 2D gaming, does it fit in an era of Virtual Reality and 4K graphics? Watching blocky-shaped and woody moving figures and listening to simple yet emotional music, it's quite a cover if you've just finished a Gran Turismo Sport or Project Cars 2 car-driven car.

"Quite a cover if you've just finished a Gran Turismo Sport or Project Cars 2 carved out of the car."

Feels like home
However, for the loyal Nintendo fan that experienced the glory days of the original SNES, the launch of the new SNES feels like home. Immediately you experience the precious and warm moments you used to be when you were a little (re) guy or lady.

VIDEO: Nintendo SNES Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Modestly smaller jacket
25 years after the introduction of the first SNES, the Nintendo Classic Mini returns SNES. But now in a slightly smaller jacket! The device is fast-moving thanks to a powerful processor. The installed classics start up smoothly and the supplied two controllers are perfectly in hand. The control cables are a little on the short side, so you have to be pretty close to the TV.

Nintendo Classic Mini: SNES Classic Mini

"The control cables are some on the short side."

Nintendo SNES Classic Mini Fresh review

Handy extras
One more note: Nintendo does not usually provide a USB adapter. Tip: Just use a USB adapter from your iPhone or other Smartphone or purchase the official Nintendo SNES Classic Mini adapter. Actually, these are really the big disadvantages. Not really shocking so. Using a new feature, you can rewind up to five minutes from your game play from the last saved point. Each SNES Classic Mini game can save up to four interruptions. Also funny: put your game in a fun frame with the new frame function. Some frames change color based on the game you play. Thanks to the supplied HDMI cable, you enjoy your state-of-the-art smart TV of legendary classics. Which games? We put them below in a row.

"Some frames change color based on the game you play."

Nintendo Classic Mini Fresh Review

Overview 21 SNES Games
• Star Fox 2 (not yet released)
• Star Fox
• The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
• Super Metroid
• Street Fighter ™ II Turbo: Hyper Fighting
• Super Punch Out!!
• Super Castlevania IV
• Donkey Kong Country
• Mega Man ™ X
• Kirby Super Star
• Kirby's Dream Course
• Contrast III the Alien Wars
• Super Ghouls'n Ghosts ™
• Super Mario World
• Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
• Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
• Super Mario Kart

Two racing games
F-ZERO and Super Mario Kart and are the only car-related racing games that Nintendo installs on the SNES Classic Mini. From the first Super Mario Kart we immediately understand why this arcaderacer has built such a huge crowd of fans. With appealing characters like the always merry Mario to the luigi-covered Luigi and the excited dragon Yoshi to the always charming Princess Peach, that's no different. And then the circuits and competitions: legendary.

Do you remember these circuits from Super Mario Kart yet?

Nintendo Classic Mini:

"F-ZERO and Super Mario Kart are the only car-related racing games on the new SNES"

Legendary characters
The colorful characters of Super Mario Kart are deeply rooted in Nintendo's DNA and still jumping. They all play a main roster n Mario Kart 64 (Nintendo 64), Mario Kart Super Circuit (Game Boy Advance), Mario Kart Double Dash!

The (Nintendo GameCube), Mario Kart DS and (Nintendo DS) are classics, who does not know them?

Piece of classics
But the base was laid on the SNES in 1992. And you can enjoy it now. Psychologically, maybe a big step back because you provide a lot of quality in the visual field. You're about to go from detailed 3D games to simple characters that consist of no fewer pixels. Nevertheless, 'just doing' is our best advice, although we will not have to explain that Nintendo fans. This is pure nostalgia.

Nintendo Classic Mini: SNES review

Nokia 3310
Do you still remember the Nokia 3310? What a top mobile. A big hit! And what was Snake magical. Would you like to change your current iPhone or Android phone for this Nokia? You will learn how much extra you have today. It would therefore be nice to get that old 3310 a few times a year and enjoy the simplicity that used to be a fan of. In this context, place the SNES in addition to your Nintendo Switch, Wii, PS4 or Xbox One. With an advisory price of about 90 Euros, it is also a good addition. See it like this: you pay 4.28 Euros per game, including controllers. And that is of course a bargain.

"Enjoy the simplicity you used to be a fan of."

Nintendo Classic Mini: SNES review

Let's go!
So invite your brother, sister, friend or friend who used to enjoy SNES together and go back together in Super Mario Kart's time. From F-Zero. From Super

Mario World
Enjoy the fact how fun and simple (or difficult) can be a 16-bit game. What have we been spoiled for in the last 25 years when it comes to games? The SNES Classic Mini is a beautiful, affordable and very fun way to soak up and enjoy simplicity. A golden set of Nintendo. Let's go, Super Mario would say to Santa Claus, Santa or Sugar or Uncle. We are tearing out for a while.

Pros Nintendo Classic Mini SNES
+ Good price
+ 21 games!
+ Plug & Play
+ Fast-moving processor
+ Fine controllers, identical to earlier
+ Backwind function
+ Old display tube function for extra 'retro' experience

Negatives Nintendo Classic Mini SNES
- Short cable controller
- Availability

Nintendo Classic Mini: SNES Classic Mini

Delivery time
The availability of the Nintendo SNES Classic Mini Super Nintendo Entertainment System is quite limited, but Nintendo promises in a comment on betting. "Nintendo remains the Nintendo SNES Classic Mini Super Nintendo Entertainment System this year and deliver in Europe in 2018," said the spokeswoman.

Call of Duty WWII: New open Beta Revealed for PC

This post is tagged as: Call of Duty: WWII, Call of Duty WW2, COD WWII, Call of Duty WWII Review, Call of Duty 14, COD WW2, Call of Duty WWII Release Date

Even before the release of Call of Duty: WWII, pre-buyers shot at each other in the closed beta on PS4 and Xbox One. Now the hour beats the PC players, because they can play without pre-order. Learn here when the open PC beta starts.

Activision plans an open PC beta from Call of Duty: WWII. (Source: Activision)

It has long been clear that a beta of CoD WW2 for PC players comes. A surprise, however, is that it is an open beta, as Activision announces on Twitter. So you do not need a beta key. Everyone is allowed to participate.

The beta runs on Steam and will start on September 29, 2017 and ends on October 2, 2017. For the consoles PS4 and Xbox One there have already been closed Beta phases. Others are not provided.

New Study: Is Call of Duty Bad for the Brain Article Scientists Research on Gaming

A study from Canada proves that video games like Call of Duty affect the brain. It turns out that you can lose gray matter through games. You can counteract that with a certain style of play. Read now

The second phase of the closed beta of Call of Duty: WW2 is now launched on the PS4 and Xbox One, writes Activision on the Twitter channel of the game. The testing phase on the Sony console will run from 1 to 4 September 2017.

You can join the beta if you have pre-ordered the game. If you bought it in the PlayStation Store in advance, you should download the beta of Call of Duty (CoD).

If you have pre-ordered the game from a dealer, you would need to get a code that you redeem on the website for the game. However, you will need a Call of Duty or Activision account.

Preview: 30 minutes Call of Duty: WWII Private Beta Gameplay

Beta to CoD: WW2 without pre-order play

You should also be able to play the beta without pre-order and without code. If you have a PSN account for Hong Kong, the download should work without any problems. This is reported by a player named "moriarty" on the social network Twitter. Other players confirm in the social network also that the beta can be downloaded just like that.

If you want to create a PSN account for another region, you have to follow several steps that the PlayStation Lifestyle game magazine executes. You create a new account, choose "Hong Kong" (later you can set the language in English) and enter a date of birth. Then give her an address, maybe even just specify a city. Follow the remaining settings and account creation should be successful.

You create and use foreign accounts at your own risk. It is not completely ruled out that you could lock Sony for such a procedure. Furthermore, it may be that the beta of Call of Duty: WWII is available in Hong Kong or other regions through an update again only by pre-order and beta codes. This could happen anytime.

Call of Duty WWII: This content offers the beta

The beta offers you different game modes of the new shooter. There are Domination, Hardpoint, Team Deathmatch, and War Mode modes, in which allied and Axis powers battle each other in attack and defense missions.

In the second beta of Call of Duty: WW2, there are still some innovations. So the maximum level is increased from 25 to 30 and the new map "Aachen" added, writes Activision on its official website. Call of Duty: WWII