Microsoft: XboxOne is expensive than PS4

Microsoft: XboxOne is expensive than PS4

Written by saso77 on the 1st of September 2013 at 17:28

Although Microsoft has changed a lot of things about Xbox One console compared to the initial announcement, the price of the console will remain the same, and at the company does not care because it is more expensive than the other gaming consoles from the competition.

At a recent Sony's Gamescom conference, we have seen a subtle sniping of the competition regarding the upcoming consoles, and earlier at E3 fair we've seen it direct ones. Microsoft is on them for the most part remained cool, except for the fact that he changed his mind about a lot of things that initially (and quite confidently) announced for its Xbox One, but a media conflict only heats up. Specifically, in an interview for "Gamespot" one of the directors in the Xbox team made a pretty bold statement as a comment on the price of the console, which is $ 100 higher than what Sony asks for PS4.

"We have to prove that the console is worth $ 100 more. I simply think that we offer more. I think our games are better. I think people will realize that we have a better console after tempting Kinect and see what they can do with their voice. I think we're better because we have a comprehensive device. I think we have a better online service. Simply believe that we will have a better console. Hundred dollars more, when you are talking about $ 400 versus $ 500, should not be a problem. "- Said Microsoft's Albert Penel.