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Darkly Dreaming Dexter

Dexter. Dexter. Dexter. Who thought of this Dexter? Is he a boyfriend, a lover, a mother's dream? Or is he a monster? A callous monster who just want to do one thing all the time, and it is to kill? Who is Dexter?

"Darkly Dreaming Dexter" is the first book of three in a series by Jeff Lindsay. I have read a bit of the American version, and I must say that this version is sharper rampage. Not that the translator Per Olaisen, has done a bad job, but the text is a bit more float in English. Sorry. Well, enough of that.

Darkly Dreaming Dexter is, of course, about Dexter. A boyfriend. A child's friend. A monster. When Dexter was a young boy discovered his foster father Harry, together with Dexter himself, his want to to kill. Cut. It was like a drug for a time, poor confused little boy. Dexter knows nothing. Nothing. Imagine never, ever get to know a feeling. Never hate. Never fear. Never love. This saw Harry, he wanted to make something of it. He taught Dexter to deal with it. Trying to blend into the crowd. Trying to see the normal print, everything that does not stop in the electric chair. Harry Dexter also learned to manage their suction the blood. His eternal longing to murder. Foster Father Harry knew that if Dexter is not learned some things, he would eventually end up where many other murderers do. In a small room full of people in white coats, and a large pane of glass with the crowd outside. Harry taught him to only kill people who fötjänade it. People who murdered the innocent. It was Harry and Dexter's code. A Code of Dex just had to follow. Harry who worked at Miami's police station, Dexter learned everything about how to fool the justice system, how to not leave any traces whatsoever.

Dexter was, ironically, a blood analyst for visiting Miami Metro, the same police station where his sister Deborah works, and where his foster father Harry worked. Dexter helps Deborah solving serial killer cases for her, but through his unbelievable "anticipations". After a while people start to be near him question his strange "idea" and general behavior. And when another serial killer appears in Miami, he is suddenly under threat from that quarter too, but at the same time relieved. Finally, someone who knows how it feels. Finally. But when the case becomes more personal than Dexter ever believed, increases the excitement, challenge and no murder.

The book and series are generally set in a warm, tropical Miami. Almost all the characters in the book has its nest there. Deborah and all of Dexter's special kolleggor, including his girlfriend, Rita, and her two children. Just Rita appears to be a rather complicated character. She is always insecure, paranoid and scared. No office, given that her imprisoned ex-husband raped and beat her repeatedly. Deborah is exactly the opposite. She is angry, no hesitation, is confident and swear a lot. Dexter's foster father Harry, was Deborah's real father, but always gave Dexter all the attention, was always with Dexter on weekends, to practice, but it did not know little Deb. That's right, is the only thing that Deborah is a bit self-conscious about. Why was that? What was Dexter and Harry at the weekend?

As most people know, Dexter also TV series, the first season is based on the first book, therefore, "Dexter's dark dreams." The second season will be a completely different way than the book number 2, but we'll not talk more about in this review.

I love "Dexter's dark dreams", and I love Dexter. This is one of two books that really makes you sympathize with a serial killer. The second is American Psycho, by Bret Easton Ellis. When you read the book, it feels as if you really know Dexter. Jeff Lindsay describing everything from first person, and lets one read Dexters all thoughts. Observing thoughts, mostly. All characters are incredibly real. You get to know every single soul in the entire book. Some think if we, and others hate it. But based on Dexter's perspective, so you never hate any character. They just are. They are people. All männsikor handle things differently. All observed by Dexter in the book. You may know exactly what Dexter thinks. He sees people who männsikor look at fish. As an animal. No feelings for them, but they are there, and we observe them.

"Darkly Dreaming Dexter" is an incredibly well-written book by Jeff Lindsay. I've really only two final words, and that is:
Read on.

Darkly Dreaming Dexter


Darkly Dreaming Dexter


Public Enemies

Yesterday went to the cinema Sergel in Stockholm to attend the movie as I mentioned a few times earlier in my blogs. Public Enemies. A film I have seen very much forward to since they were announced, but the actors. I mean, Christian Bale and Johnny Depp in the leading roles? Since that can not be anything but good.

Public Enemies is about John Dillinger bank robbery-raider in the 1930s. Everything that happened in the movie also happened in reality.

The film begins with John Dillinger (Johnny Depp) out to the Indiana State Prison by his partner John "Red" Hamilton (Jason Clarke). The reason that Dillinger out there by his partner is that they plan to trick the guards so they can enter the jail, and busting a number of "colleagues". They overpower the guards and the success of the rescue. On the way it is. John Dillinger is such a successful criminal, the police chief J. Edgar Hoover hire Melvin Purvis (Chritian Bale) to lead the first American "war on crime". Melvin Purvis biggest task is of course of course to take down the biggest of all, John Dillinger.

In films, we see Johnny Depp totally take his role. It is one of the best roles I've seen of him, and certainly one of the biggest achievements this year, and then I have yet seen Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler. Several good presention, we of course in the film, such as John Dillinger's girlfriend Billie Frechette, played by Marion Cotillard. Just her character feels almost as real as Johnny Depp's John Dillinger. Then there are of course Melvin Purvis, played Bale. Bale really feels like a tough police officer, was nonetheless a kind of gentleman. It is difficult to explain these characters because they are so incredibly deep, each with its own touch of the actor.

Public Enemies is recorded with a technique in which certain parts feel like a man standing with a standard video camera and filming the whole thing, with shaking hands and so. A cool detail that makes it all very faithful to reality, and it may really not this ostiga Hollywood feeling that many gangster films get. Everyone knows already that John Dillinger was for real. Everything that happens in the film happened at rikigt, and a detail worth noting is that the film is shot in exactly the same places as everything was happening in reality, in the 1930s.

I really love the movie. Some things can unfortunately be a bit difficult to understand, and it requires most likely as two seatings before you understand it fully. There is something special about John Dillinger .. I'm telling you.

9 / 10

(Translated with Google, thats why the english sucks)