Nonsense more, Ben Rector

Nonsense more, Ben Rector 🇸🇪

Written by Petter on the 13th of July 2024 at 13:32

I love the American singer/songwriter Ben Rector (who is improbably talented musically) but his pretentious and often a little unnecessarily slimy sentimental music that he releases on record nowadays, has in many ways kind of distanced itself from me, unfortunately. Unfortunately. Instead, it's when he just sits at his piano via Youtube shorts and expresses his humorous observations about everyday nonsense, and sets it to music in a way that makes me shudder - that he is at his very, very best. This... Is of course what you should be doing on the boards as well, Ben. Only. I know, I've written it before, but I can't let it go. Leg! Take over the "ploughrock" banner from the former regent Presidents of the United States of America / Bare Naked Ladies (Tenacious D was never in the same league, not even close) and let these subtly giggly thoughts become whole songs. Because then you're the best, in the world.

Are there other honchos outside of head honchos?

Uber Eats does not feel like a good deal anymore

Sushi is a scam

Do they call it training?

Frank Shamrock at Rampage's home

Frank Shamrock at Rampage's home 🇸🇪

Written by Petter on the 13th of July 2024 at 13:24

Pancrase legend Frankie Shamrock is one of those mixed martial arts veterans that I always like to listen to. Totally interesting and very strange, in a deeply fascinating way. In last week's episode of the Jaxxon Podcast (Rampage Jackson), Frank and I are listening to the episode right now, and so should you. Go!

Carpenter & Russell Talk Big Trouble

Carpenter & Russell Talk Big Trouble 🇸🇪

Written by Petter on the 13th of July 2024 at 13:21

John Carpenter and Kurt Russell's commentary track on the DVD special edition of the 80's slayer Big Trouble in Little China is brilliant. I haven't heard this before but have really enjoyed their nice nonsense when they talk about memories and trivia regarding this beloved nonsense roll. Go!

It's time, USA

It's time, USA 🇸🇪

Written by Petter on the 13th of July 2024 at 11:03

Mispronunciation, of course - But it's getting so silly that it has stopped being fun. For the past two or three years, I've laughed hysterically at the fact that the World's Most Powerful Man is demonstrably raw-demented, but now it's starting to feel rather uncomfortable - instead. When he just a couple of days ago presents Volodymyr Zelensky as "President Putin" during a live NATO meeting, it is easy to conclude that this senile old man should be deposed - in a hurry. Direct.

Here he also said (on Thursday) that Trump is vice president

Chemical Guy's paste wax is incredible

Chemical Guy's paste wax is incredible 🇸🇪

Written by Petter on the 12th of July 2024 at 22:22

Putting show wax on a semi-worn rally car is a bit like playing Snooker with a string. Pointless, but also quite fun. Today I washed the RS and opened a new, forgotten jar of Chemical Guys Celeste Dettaglio Paste Wax (1900 SEK the jar, which I got when I exhibited my GT-R during the Oslo Motor Show, and then apparently forgot) and put two coats, Wow, what a shine, haha. It will most likely be spioled off immediately at the next wash, which makes it harmless, but still - This little ugly Ford has probably never been shinier. Not even when it was new. 😂