Any dreams for E3 this year?

Any dreams for E3 this year?

It has been a good year so far in terms of games, and announcements. At E3 starting soon we will get a ton of new games most likely and those that have leaked or announced beforehand. I myself have some hopes to see a few games. This small list is for a few games that arent announced yet to be there, and most likely wont with a few exceptions that might or will show up in some form. I have tried to exclude anything confirmed already like Fallout 4 among others.

Metro 2035
Total War: Warhammer (in the form of a playable demo, it is very likely this will happen)
Alien Isolation 2
Dawn of War 3
Red Orchestra 3
State of Decay 2
Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor 2
Dead Space reboot (A new enemy, more horror and a focus on survival, less action)
Half Life 3
Civilization 6
King Arthur 3
SWAT Reboot
Knight of the old republic single player rpg
Max Payne 4
Victoria 3

Are you hoping for any particular game that should be announced at E3?