Any dreams for E3 this year?

Any dreams for E3 this year?

It has been a good year so far in terms of games, and announcements. At E3 starting soon we will get a ton of new games most likely and those that have leaked or announced beforehand. I myself have some hopes to see a few games. This small list is for a few games that arent announced yet to be there, and most likely wont with a few exceptions that might or will show up in some form. I have tried to exclude anything confirmed already like Fallout 4 among others.

Metro 2035
Total War: Warhammer (in the form of a playable demo, it is very likely this will happen)
Alien Isolation 2
Dawn of War 3
Red Orchestra 3
State of Decay 2
Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor 2
Dead Space reboot (A new enemy, more horror and a focus on survival, less action)
Half Life 3
Civilization 6
King Arthur 3
SWAT Reboot
Knight of the old republic single player rpg
Max Payne 4
Victoria 3

Are you hoping for any particular game that should be announced at E3?

The great gaming year of 2013!

The great gaming year of 2013!

Its sad to see how empty this site is right now, but maybe with some effort the people in UK will come here too? But in a gamers perspective its gonna be a great year.

Tomb Raider

Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm

Land Air Battle

Gta V

Europa Universallis 4

Bioshock Infinite

Gears of War Judgement

Total War: Rome 2

Company of Heroes 2

Metro 2034

Arma 3

Amnesia (sequel)

Destiny and many other good games

I could go on, and then there are the unannounced ones aswell to watch out for, and of course the soon ps4 (and its games) as well as most likely Xbox 720 (will be announced most likely this year on E3)...

I just feel this is going to be a great Year in gaming. Lots of stuff too look forward to! The highlight for me is going to be the next Total War: Rome 2, well everything else on that list actually! But Total War is one of my favorite franchises of all times so.. Then there is the new Splinter Cell and perhaps a Rainbow Six, even though the last ones in each series weren't that great... Due to the holy quest companies today have taken upon themselves in the name of the masses to mainstreaming these once great franchises. The year is shaping up good though!

This is my first blog on the UK based version. I originate from the Swedish version. Im going to do some bloging on the Danish and Norwegian ones to... in due time.

(Picture: Beautifully painted Warhammer picture I found... about now (lol), it depicts the Ultramarine's if someone wonders. It reminds me of my longing for Dawn of War 3)