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Fallout: New Vegas Article

Fallout: New Vegas Article

Written by MatApan on the 3rd of August 2009 at 13:20

The article consists mostly of thoughts and reflections.

I observe for a bad translation

Fallout: New Vegas

200 years into the future, I am rising from the remains of a devastated Casino I have used as shelters for the night. I pick up my shotgun fixing my collar on the shirt i am wearing and im feeling sand storms as strong hurricanes hit hard against my cheek.
I turn on the radio on my (pip boy ultra) but all I get is a noisy radio with (The Fray) on.
With a better companion and a revolutionary game feeling creeping me through the deserted sand drown center core without knowledge of what is hiding around corners. Perhaps a large sand aunt an insane zombie, who knows? This is Fallout: New Vegas

im afraid that we wont meet the heroes of steel again (Brotherhood Of Steel). And no more ghouhls either. This is because the New Vegas is not a follow-up on Fallout 3. It is a completely new RPG game, but with the same 3rd person shooter style as in Fallout 3. What I think is that in New Vegas it will be actually real weapons Mp5, 9mm and new future weapons that we never previously seen.
As the game to invest more in the real future than Fallout 3 as it becomes more modern buildings and technology as well.

The game begins in the way that you are a typical Scavanger who grew up on his own, looking for answers to what may have happened to the city. I can imagine how the game begins.

<i> A man stands on his knees in the middle of the desert and sits down and his voice will produce "The humankind is Curious, in learn that from my father, its not allways easy to be accepted. I'm a scavanger, in eat what in gonna eat in-take in what gonna take. But there must be something more to this world than desert and aunt. Mousten there be a truth to all this. What happened, I WANT THE TRUTH! screaming he </i >

So during the game hits the character a friend who shows him a giant military base built under the ground before the great war War (2077). The base has been taken over by motsvarigeten the Brotherhood of steel and you do missions for them until the base is destroyed. Can underground base to be Area 51?

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