The fast, the furious and the zombies

The fast, the furious and the zombies

Written by Lee West on the 6th of February 2015 at 15:14

I honestly wasn't expecting much on this newly released freemium title, and in a way that is what I am getting: Not much. But what there is, I am truly enjoying.

Fast & Furious: Legacy is out now on iOS, and it is - in lack of a better term - an auto runner. On wheels. You simply swipe left or right to race and avoid traffic. When drifting, you have a virtual steering wheel, and in drag racing you just take care of your gear shift.

My biggest problem with this title is actually that I enjoy it too much.

It has all the usual crap: Timers when you have driven too much and a simplistic gameplay. But somehow it doesn't bother me. I race a few times (admitted: Hours) then leave the game to its timers. Actually I have only experienced having to wait once, since as soon as you expand your car park it becomes less of an issue.

Anyways just a quick hi from Denmark. Now back to racing, and then right after I'll head for the streets of Harran in the excellent Dying Light.

What are you guys playing this weekend?