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Modding, the Wonderful World of Custom Content

Written by JustinRunyon on the 12th of February 2019 at 10:57
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Today we'll be taking a look at the modding community in the gaming world, and just how in depth it is.

Modding is an absolutely massive part of the gaming industry. Thousands upon thousands of mods are created all the time for all sorts of games. Hundreds of games have tons of mods available to enhance your gameplay; some more than others, we're looking at you, Skyrim. Hell, many companies even embrace this and jump in on it as well, as Nvidia showed with their Fallout 4 mod, Vault 1080. (Very clever, Nvidia.)

So as you can see, the modding community is alive and thriving. Growing more every day, it's like a baby we are watching mature; even if it never really does mature ...

We'll start off with some Fallout mods. Or should I say games? These mods are so incredibly unique and massive that many fans buy online essays about it and they warrant going under their own title and find their place among the unofficial games created by fans. The primary target in our scope is Fallout Miami, an apocalypse set in paradise.

This ambitiously crafted, gorgeously thought, and meticulously decorated rendition of Miami has everyone very excited. It's set in 2277 Miami after the bombs had fallen.

Now might I just say, Miami as a post-apocalyptic victim to thermonuclear destruction, coupled with the 50's aesthetic is absolutely stunning. The custom ambiance, sounds, filters, and attention to detail is something that just hits it way out of the park for many players. The immersion that this mod puts forth is impeccable and overall this mod looks fantastic.

We don't currently have a release date, but the progress is steadily moving and we should expect to get this sometime soon.

Now, this is only a single example of what the modding community is capable of. This is simply the tip of the spear, and my god is it a long spear. There is truly something for most everyone here, there's gotta be!

Next, we'll take a look at some of the types of modders. First and most prominent, we've got the modders that aim to add something new to the game. Whether it's something unique, or something as an addition to another mod or content in the game, we can find many artists here. The things that we see a lot of the time are things made to expand upon the original game, something exciting and new as seen above.

Below them, we have the modders that work endlessly to make the game function the way they see fit. These ones are the people responsible for making new game mechanics, such as Skyrim's various survival mods. They shape the game to play the way they want it to.

Less common, but very equally appreciated, are the modders who aim to make the game function properly. There is an endless torrent of bugs and small issues players face in their favorite games, and at times these problems can be infuriating. The goal these creators work towards is completely pushing bugs and glitches to extinction, creating their own unofficial patches and bug fixes. A prime example of this is UFOP or The Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch. This mod fixes many of the games compatibility issues regarding the game script and mods.

Clearly, modding games is an industry of its own, one that millions call home. We looked at the work that modders can do when working together to develop entire games, the ease of life things they create, and the community that so many of us love and depend on. Modding is not ending anytime soon and certainly isn't slowing down.

Thanks for reading, see you next time!