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Does Hollywood Glamorize Drug Addiction?

Written by juliejones on the 6th of April 2010 at 16:23

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For those who have struggled with addiction or spent time in a drug rehab program in the past, the reality of substance abuse isn't a pretty one. The same holds true for those who have watched family members or friends go through this ordeal. For those who have or are dealing with the realities of substance abuse, it may seem strange or even tasteless that Hollywood chooses to explore this world in film, sometimes in a less-than-realistic manner. Drug addiction (and sometimes even drug rehabilitation) is featured in a wide variety of movies. Some may feel that these flicks serve to glamorize drug use and addiction, failing to highlight just how devastating the effects can be. Others might think that there are films out there that give a fairly accurate portrayal -- maybe not enough to make them a tool in a drug addiction center, but they might give a layman a better understanding of the effects of the disease known as addiction.