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Clear Out

Returning from an extended sabbatical has been... odd. Given I'm someone that's spent there last twenty plus years hoarding every video game and console they've ever bought, I'd have never considered there'd be a day I'd willingly shed two-thirds of my collection. But living out a single backpack for three months gives you a different view of a home that you once would have called ‘cosy'.

So for the last fortnight, while I've readjusted to London temperatures and life, I took stock of my possessions and much-loved artefacts, and decided many could easily go. A bizarrely easy choice, but I'd finally accepted there were just some games I'm never going to get round breaking the seal on and playing, and others I simply haven't the wish to replay. What filled a room now barely pads out a bookcase, and even as I glance over at the catalogue as I type, I'm evaluating yet more that can go.

As a result though, I'm finding myself cracking open games I haven't in years, and making a concerted effort in playing those titles I wanted to get round to but somehow couldn't find the time for. The collection has stopped being an untouched monument of the past and is now a gateway to worlds I'm enjoying visiting (and returning to). The mountain's finally surmountable. I just had to adjust the scale.