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Call of Juarez- Bound in Blood

So, I picked up this game today and I played it for a bit. Over all the graphics are pretty amazing! The producers but a large bit of thought and innovation into this game they could have just let you point and click to throw the lasso and just let a shoot out be simple, but they didnt the game is pretty amazing!

I do have one complaint about this game that will seem pretty petty when it comes down to it. The game developers did a great job capturing the old west theme and capturing exactly how the old west was; small towns that were far apart with wide open spaces and Native Americans hiding everywhere! The only complaint I have is the horses... come the hell on go and do all the research you can on EVERY aspect of a game...

Now I am a horse rider so you need to know how nit picky I am about my horses in a game.

For starters they were too damn small! No horse that does that much running and carrys all that weight from a riders gun especially when they are carrying a Gatling gun is going to be the size of a frigen pony!

Second not even the fastest professional mounter can get their ass on a horse in 1/2 a second!

Third come the fuck on!!! Use some god damn creativity and dont use the same 5 horses! Each and every horse that was the same color looked exactly the same I couldn't tell my horse from the villain's horse!!!

Also.... Horses get tired, horses cant run on railroad tracks, they will fall through. No horse on this planet no matter how careful they are doesnt trip once in a while. These horses run over boulders, they dont jump over a rock like a normal horse they step on it then precede to jump OFF of the top of the rock!

Here are just a few extremely nit picking points....
EARS!!! Hello!!! the ears of a horse bend back to protect them!

Western Riders.... they ride with one hand on the reigns so that they can SHOOT with the other...

Now like I said I would go and pick up this game it has a lot of in-depth features that are amazing you can play through it a thousand times because you can play as both of the brothers!

The story line has some sexual references that I loved and the characters grow and develop in a realistic and believable way!

The reload time is realistic, but agitating. I am a target shooter and I know how long it takes to reload and it is defiantly realistic, but annoying for a gamer that is used to a faster reload that uses a magazine to reload the bullets. Even the rifles are pretty slow. So, if you don't use your reloads carefully you are going to get shot while reloading. So be careful.

Over all 7 out of 10 go and pick it up considering no one is really buying the game so it is cheap for a new game.

If you are in the mood for a good old western shooter and you have a bit of time and patients on your hands it is a good game.