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Honda N-One Style + Urban Special Edition has an imitation wood panel

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Honda has announced changes to the five N-One kei models in Japan, including the addition of a new Style + Urban special edition with a faux wood dashboard, leather seats and minor side modifications outside.


According to pictures on, from the outside, the Honda N-One Style + Urban is distinguished by chrome accents on the grille connected to the round headlights with a glossy black border. The same treatment is applied to the black mirror caps, door handles, side skirts, and rear door trim surrounded by chrome.


Full LED headlights and taillights are standard equipment. Finally, the model is equipped with 14-inch steel wheels with a classic design. The special edition palette includes shades of Garden Green, Platinum White, Premium Ivory, Meteoroid Gray and Flame Red.


Inside, the highlight is Tanwood-style trim that covers most of the dashboard. Despite the fact that it is not real wood, it looks great in combination with the minimalist design. Heated front seats and two-tone leather upholstery, matching door tags. Standard equipment includes a full set of Honda Sensing ADAS, automatic climate control and a few USB ports. As for the optional touchscreen, it offers navigation, digital TV, voice recognition, and a rearview camera, while removing the ugly plastic shell.


The N-One Style + Urban is only available with a naturally aspirated 660cc engine that produces at least 58 hp (43 kW / 58 PS). Power is transmitted to the front wheels or all four wheels through a continuously variable CVT transmission. Note that other versions of the Honda N-One are also equipped with a 660cc turbocharged engine that produces a slight increase in power of 63PS (47kW / 64PS), while the sporty RS is the only version equipped with a manual transmission. six levels.


Other than the new Special Edition, the model year changes to the Honda N-One 2023 are minor, with a focus on small changes. Prices in Japan start at ¥1,599,400 ($11,692) for the base Original and go up to ¥2,022,900 ($14,788) for the top-end Premium Tourer. As for the Style + Urban being the top of the line, it costs 1,679,700 yen ($12,279) for the FWD version or 1,812,800 yen ($13,252) for the 4WD version.


While the Honda N-One hasn't really changed much since its first-generation debut in 2012, it's still a pretty cool kei car. The current second-generation model introduced in 2020 looks more like a facelift than the original, but that's not a bad thing as the retro design has proven to be very popular with buyers. Unfortunately, the N-One is not exported to other markets, with the smallest Honda currently available outside of Japan being the all-electric Honda e.


Hyundai makes progress step by step in the global electric car race

When Elon Musk said Hyundai was "doing pretty well" in June, the South Korean automaker was unlikely to pose a serious competitive threat to Tesla any time soon. But the latest sales figures and similarities with Apple and Samsung in the 2010s show that the pace of change is accelerating. 


Based on information on, Hyundai Motor and its Kia subsidiary are second to Tesla in the US electric car market in terms of sales  this year. The duo's market share in Europe has reached 12% after achieving the biggest increase in market share  among its peers last year. Globally, outside of China, Hyundai and Kia are the second largest manufacturers of electric cars in terms of shipments, with a 14% market share. Tesla comes out on top with 27%. 


The gap reflects the competitive advantage Tesla has gained over a decade of maintaining its market leadership position. Tesla's fun factor - brand studies have ranked it as the "coolest" automaker among millennials - is  hard  to repeat. The same goes for its network of fast chargers, remote software updates, and huge amounts of data from  drivers that, combined with machine learning algorithms, continuously improve its software. 


The latest boost for Tesla came last week. The list of car models eligible for tax credits from President Joe Biden's new Inflation Cut Act includes  four Tesla models currently on sale, but none from Hyundai or Kia. 


 A more precise comparison can be made by looking at the margins. Tesla's lean business model means it achieves a whopping 16% operating margin, more than double Hyundai's 6%, which has more product lines and must compete with an alliance. strong. 


Stock market valuations reflect this contrast - and divergence of market expectations.  Tesla shares trade at 60 times previous earnings, more than 10 times that of Hyundai. Hyundai's soaring electric vehicle sales and the resulting record profit in the most recent quarter did little to alter relative pessimism. 


But Hyundai's pace of change was much faster than expected. Its electric sedan Ioniq 6  can travel 610 kilometers (379 miles) on a single charge, longer than both Tesla's Model Y and Model 3. Its electric SUV Ioniq 5  has become the best-selling imported electric vehicle in the United States. Remote software updates are starting to roll out. 


Price is also catching up. Tesla's cheapest Model 3 is currently on sale for $46,990 following a price hike this year. Hyundai's Ioniq 6, launched last month, is priced the same. 


It is also worth considering other industries, such as smartphones, for similar models. It was not until Samsung raised the price of its products and began to compete in the same market segments as Apple, the market leader at the time, that the market share and profit grew significantly. 


In 2010, Samsung's share of the global market was less than 6%, compared with  more than one-fifth of Apple's. Only two years after launching its more expensive line of Galaxy smartphones, Samsung was able to overtake Apple in global handset sales. 


In the third quarter of 2013, Samsung's global smartphone market share was nearly three times that of Apple's. So far, the starting prices of Apple and Samsung smartphones by product segment have remained closely in sync. 


In the coming months, electric carmakers will face an uphill battle to protect their profits as costs rise. The price of lithium, an important battery material, remains near historic highs. This has led to an increase in battery prices, up to 60% of the total cost of producing electric cars. Tight profit margins from global battery suppliers suggest that battery prices will not ease. That leaves electric carmakers  with the burden. 


Here, Hyundai has the upper hand. The Korean won is weaker, having fallen 13% against the dollar this year, leading to a revenue increase of more than $1.6 billion last quarter. This has helped it absorb higher battery and component costs without impacting profitability. It uses local battery suppliers, which means a more stable supply chain and reduced risk of currency fluctuations. 


A weak won means Hyundai can continue to keep prices unchanged while maintaining profit margins as competitors are forced to pass on increased costs to consumers. 


When expectations are low, the upside potential - for sales volume and stock price - is high. Perhaps one of Hyundai's biggest advantages today is the low expectations it has long struggled with. 


Digital Tata Xenon reimagined as a van of the future

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Check out this digital render of the Tata Xenon that has been altered for an extremely sharp and futuristic design. The Tata Xenon was first introduced in India in 2007. 

This car is basically a redesigned Tata Telcoline and is based on the same platform of the Tata Xenon X2  (albeit slightly reworked). The Xenon lifestyle variant was discontinued in 2017, but its commercial variant (Xenon Yodha) is still being sold in our marketplace. Xenon was a bit ahead of its time; At the time, customers weren't interested in stylish SUVs/pickups. Now, however, times are much different, as the second generation of Mahindra Thar has demonstrated. The lifestyle SUV has sold over 9,000 units in just 4 days after its launch. 

We'd also like to see  Xenon return, in an updated avatar. Here we have a digital image of the Tata Xenon, imagined as a  pickup truck of the future. 

This image was created by Binny Zacharia, a digital artist in Kerala. The photo only shows the front of the car, but there are a lot of notable changes here. The front grille is redesigned and flanked by LED headlights (with LED DRLS and LED turn signals). The front bumper has been redesigned and received a large spoiler with small air vents on the sides. 

This image was created by Binny Zacharia, a digital artist in Kerala. The photo only shows the front of the car, but there are a lot of notable changes here. The front grille is redesigned and flanked by LED headlights (with LED DRLS and LED turn signals). The front bumper has been redesigned and received a large spoiler with small air vents on the sides. 

The car also has LED fog lights, as well as chrome trim on the front bumper. A skid plate is also added under the bumper. In addition, a regular antenna is on the roof, with a pair of roof rails. Interestingly, ORVMs of the same body color do not receive integrated turn signals. All in all, this digital makeover is super exciting and we'd love to see something similar on the roads of India. 

Tata Xenon Yodha is currently equipped with a 2.2-liter turbo-diesel engine that can produce a maximum capacity of 101 PS and a maximum torque of 250 Nm. The transmission functions are taken care of by a 5-speed manual transmission. transmit power to the rear wheel. 

Although Tata Xenon (lifestyle variant) is unlikely to return to the Indian market, Tata still has many other new products waiting to be launched. Gravitas and  Altroz ​​Turbo will be the first to arrive, followed by  HBX and Hexa Safari Edition. Tata will also soon launch new electric models, including the Altroz ​​EV, Tigor EV facelift and HBX EV.


GAC Bahrain's new strategy of renewable energy

GAC Bahrain will install photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of its warehouse at Bahrain Investment Wharf in Al Hidd as part of the GAC Group's broader commitment to protecting the environment and reducing carbon emissions. 


A release on Wapcar that, to help the project run smoothly, GAC Bahrain, a shipping and forwarding agency, cooperated with AI Mannai Projects, a local company specializing in renewable energy construction. They planned to generate about 300KW of electricity with the installation of 552 solar panels, meeting electrical needs.


Development is the latest part of the GAC Group's commitment to promoting sustainability and accelerating decarbonization across the broader maritime and logistics industries. GAC Bahrain joins a growing number of GAC offices that use renewable energy to reduce carbon emissions.


Reducing Emissions 

It is also related to Bahrain's Economic Vision 2030, which aims to reduce carbon emissions by 30% through local decarbonization projects and double the development of renewable infrastructure. created in the area. 


Their newest solar project, serving their remarkable plan as a step of significance, to push forward their green journey as well as make contributions to their commitment, which is to use renewable resources. It is inconsistent with their commitment to Economic Vision 2030 as well as the GAC Group’s principle of developing a sustainable future. Fulke, General Manager of GAC Bahrain. Its Renewable Technologies division provides solar solutions for homes, offices, commercial buildings and residential properties in Bahrain.


Sustainable energy 

Talal Al Mannai, Chief Executive Officer of Al Mannai Projects, says: “We supply high-quality, dependable and sustainable sun energy throughout the region, and our designs all meet the stern requirements of worldwide and Bahraini Electricity and Water Authority (EWA) requirements.” 


This sun undertaking is in step with the broader GAC Group`s sustainability strategy, which incorporates a dedication to UN Sustainable Development Goals and an internet carbon 0 future. As a part of its Roadmap to Sustainability, GAC has devoted itself to adapting, innovating and decreasing in its sports and interacting with nearby stakeholders to create long-time period fee closer to a sustainable future. 


As establishments and governments around the arena more and more appear to utilize renewable electricity to lessen their carbon output, in addition to their dependence on oil and gas, solar electricity is proving to be a famous desire for nations throughout the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Solar electricity appears a countless long-time period electricity answer and GCC nations appearance set to gain from its ample delivery of sustainable electricity. 


In 2014, Bahrain shaped its Sustainable Energy Unit (SEU) as a joint initiative between the Office of the Minister of Electricity and Water Affairs and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to broaden sustainable electricity coverage and sell renewable electricity. 


Since its inception, the SEU has developed two important policies - the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (NEEAP) and the National Renewable Energy Action Plan (NREAP) - to realize the Sustainable energy transition envisioned in  Economic Vision 2030 and to support the country's growth. The long-term environmental goal is to produce 10% of energy from renewables by 2035.

The first cruiser Keeway bike 'K-Light 250V' was launched in India

Specifically for the Indian market, Moto Morini has partnered with Adishwar Auto Ride India (AARI). The company will also undertake the production and distribution of Moto Morini motorcycles in the country. AARI is also an authorized dealer of Benelli and Keeway motorcycles, brands originating in Europe and being popular around the world. If you have been familiar with the market, such as Keeway Motorcycle price, perhaps you can predict the price of Moto Morini motors more accurately. The pricing of the Moto Morini models in India is yet to be announced, so be sure to keep an eye out.


Italian boutique maker Moto Morini has made headlines in recent months with its new mid-size adventure bike, the X-Cape 650. Primarily available in Italy and neighboring European countries, Moto Morini is currently available. intends to expand into Asia, especially India. 


The Italian company is in the process of setting up a production plant as well as establishing a distribution network in the Asian country.  In a report by Indian automotive publication Motoring World, Moto Morini will launch a total of four models in India, based on the X-Cape and Seiemmezzo midsize machines available in other markets. Specifically, two versions of each will be available, with the X-Cape 650 and X-Cape 650X covering the brand's ADV segment, and the Seiemmezzo 6½ Street and  Seiemmezzo 6½ Scrambler making up the new, focused segment. into the street. - retro range. 


We already know the X-Cape pretty well, with its 649cc tandem engine producing 59hp at 7,000rpm. Moto Morini released this bike in the hope that it could compete with the Yamaha Ténéré 700 and Aprilia Tuareg 660 in the fast-growing midsize adventure bike segment. When the power goes out, the X-Cape features top-of-the-line components. 


For example, it comes equipped with Marzocchi's powerful 50mm upside-down fork, adjustable KYB mono-shock at the rear, and Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tires. In addition, the car is also equipped with Brembo brakes, a color TFT screen and an adjustable windshield to provide maximum comfort for the journey. 


Moving on to the brand's line of road bikes, the Seiemmezzo 6½ models feature classic styling and a 650cc engine, similar to those found in the X-Cape. However, the Seiemmezzo's engine is tuned slightly differently and produces only 54hp more power in the rev range. 


Likewise, it features premium components like Bosch's KYB suspension, Brembo brakes, and dual-channel ABS. It also sports a light chrome steel frame, making it a nimble and versatile machine.