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Some NEVs retain strong momentum while China's auto production

Some NEVs retain strong momentum while China's auto production

Written by Dean Watsonn on the 5th of December 2022 at 13:26

Autofun Philippines – Auto production and sales in April fell or even halved in April due to the growing negative impact of the resurgence of the COVID-19 outbreak, while sales of some vehicles new energy (NEV) maintains strong growth momentum, leaked reports from several automakers reveal.


Industry insiders believe the auto market will rebound in May when the auto parts supply chain returns to normal.


Affected by the epidemic, a number of vehicle manufacturing enterprises, like Haima Philippines, as well as auto accessory businesses in key areas of the auto industry such as Shanghai and Jilin have suspended production, and shops have temporarily closed. following strict local epidemic prevention measures, leading to a decrease in the number of cars. production and sales nationwide.


Great Wall Motors released its production and sales report late on Monday, showing 55,284 vehicles were produced in April, down 38.47% year-on-year; sold 53,777 vehicles, down 41.41% compared to last year.


The drop in production and sales is not an isolated phenomenon, several other companies have revealed their production and sales data on the same day. Changan Auto sold 115,700 vehicles in April, down 42.78% year-on-year, with total cumulative sales this year reaching about 767,200 vehicles, down 9.02%; Haima Auto sold a total of 8,870 vehicles this year, down 15.27%; Sales of Isuzu Motors reached 17,200 units in April, down 48.61% from a year ago.


According to the latest data released by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA), retail passenger car sales in China reached 1.04 million units in April, down 35.5% year-on-year. last.


While overall demand in the auto market remained weak in April, VNE's sales grew rapidly. Dongfeng Peugeot announced on Sunday that it sold 7,044 vehicles in April, down 66.29%; while NEV sales reached 1,237 units, up 18.26% year-on-year.


Previously, several NEV companies had released sales figures for April. Among them, BYD's NEV sales reached 106,000 units, skyrocketing 313%, and continued to top the sales list in China.


In addition to the decline in auto sales, some auto parts companies have halted production and shipping due to the epidemic, causing automakers to reduce deliveries.


CPCA data reveals that China produced 969,000 passenger cars last month, down 41.1% year-on-year and 46.8% year-on-year.


Nio delivered 5,074 new vehicles in April, down 28.56% year-on-year and 49.18% month-on-month; Le Tuong delivered 4,167 new cars, down 62.23% from the previous month.


Shen Yanan, co-founder of Lixiang, said that more than 80% of the company's spare parts suppliers are located in the Yangtze River Delta, especially in Shanghai and Kunshan in eastern China's Jiangsu province), have Suspended supply due to epidemic. However, experts say that once the coronavirus outbreak is brought under control, car sales in May are expected to pick up month-on-month, with the release of previously suppressed auto demand and new developments. supportive policies to promote consumption.


With the resumption of work and production ramping up in Shanghai's auto industry, the auto supply chain is slowly recovering. Automakers including SAIC and Tesla, which resumed production on April 19, have gradually increased production capacity. At the same time, parts manufacturers like SKF are returning to work, working with suppliers and logistics companies to ensure raw materials reach the plant and resume production.

SsangYong off life support after repaying $AU340 million debt

SsangYong off life support after repaying $AU340 million debt

Written by Dean Watsonn on the 5th of December 2022 at 13:23

Autofun Philippines – Struggling South Korean carmaker SsangYong is beginning to recover from a tumultuous 23 months that included bankruptcy, failed financial takeovers and a court-ordered repayment plan.


SsangYong Philippines's darkest days may be over, with the South Korean carmaker announcing it has paid off 299.4 billion won ($340 million) in debt owed to creditors, contractors and companies. Mahindra's ex-mother.


Over the past 23 months, SsangYong's global operations have experienced financial turmoil due to years of falling short of volume and sales expectations.


In December 2020, India's Mahindra and Mahindra consortium sold its 75% stake in SsangYong, prompting the Korean company to file for bankruptcy - owed 315.3 billion won (AU$357.7 million) at the time) has not yet paid to a number of financial institutions.


In October 2021, a consortium led by South Korean electric bus and truck manufacturer Edison Motors announced plans to acquire SsangYong for 304.8 billion won (AU$348 million). However, Edison Motors' proposal to take over SsangYong stalled in March this year when the group failed to make a final payment of 274.3 billion won ($311 million) - despite the carmaker is said to have withheld a deposit of US$25 million (AU$33.2 million). ). .


In June 2022, South Korean steel and chemical company KG Group made a bid of 800 billion won ($907.7 million) for SsangYong, which was eventually approved by the Seoul bankruptcy court in August. – under specific conditions.


As the Korean publication The Korea Times reported, SsangYong's "recovery plan" includes returning 237 billion won (AUD$269 million) to creditors, 55 billion won (AU$62 million) to creditors. coin contractors and 7.4 billion won (AU$8.4)). million) in Mahindra and Mahindra.


While SsangYong was required to repay the full amount it owed its creditors, it had to repay only a fraction of the amount it owed to its subcontractors (13.97% of the total 393.8 billion won). and Mahindra (5.43% out of 136.3 billion won).


This week, SsangYong announced that its 299.4 billion won ($340 million) debt recovery plan was completed on November 11, with the Korean company now focusing on the future. In a press release, the automaker said it "now plans to accelerate the process of normalizing initial management by increasing sales and rapidly generating profits."


SsangYong is no longer on life support after paying off AU$340 million in debt


SsangYong's approach to business will be highlighted by the upcoming Torres SUV and the 'U100' electric vehicle - although the electric vehicle has yet to enter production.


As previously reported, SsangYong Torres is expected to join the company's lineup in Australia next year, positioned between the Korando mid-size SUV and the Rexton full-size SUV.


Between January and October 2022, SsangYong sold 2,967 vehicles in Australia - just 11 short of the annual record of 2,978 units set last year.


Musso ute accounts for the majority of SsangYong's local sales, with 1,336 units sold so far this year, surpassing Rexton (1,176 units sold) and Korando (455 units sold).

The 700 CL-X Heritage changes the game

The 700 CL-X Heritage changes the game

Written by Dean Watsonn on the 5th of December 2022 at 02:08

Autofun Philippines –The 700 CL-X is an example for the rest of the Chinese manufacturers. It shows what they have to do to conquer the most difficult market in the world, which is Europe, to grab a slice of the pie from the rest of the established manufacturers.


Objectively, the 700 CL-X Heritage is excellent. Even if you don't like motorcycles of this type, you can't help but notice the attention to detail found everywhere. Not a single place that has not been thoroughly appraised, from the logo on the fenders, forks, headlights, vents, to the details on the engine cover, exhaust tips and rear spoiler, misses the golden rule of engineering. series art. manufacturing. He wanted to fit the molds while keeping things as simple as possible so that costs didn't skyrocket. In terms of the Triumph Trident 660 price Philippines, you can click here to check it out.


The logic of the person who says "keep your clothes half full", says that there is an abyss somewhere. Neat and cheap design, can be done when the bike is not good and reliable. And yet, the engine is not new. On the contrary, it comes from 650MT, with some changes but not entirely new, a reason to have "childhood ailments". 


Of course, there are contradictions that will be discussed below, but it remains an example for the rest of the Chinese of building motorcycles for Europe. The name needs to be perfected, but that's what all Asian manufacturers need to do and stop giving names that sound like Excel codes for bicycles.


The engine is a 692 cc, water-cooled with dual overhead camshafts and four valves per cylinder. Power is rated at 74 hp, which equates to 63.8 on the dyno. All big numbers except he now faces stiff competition. On the one hand is the MT-07 workbench, on the other is the Trident 660 which has achieved very high sales at Yamaha, while we must not forget the Tuono 660, even if it is 50% more expensive, as well as the XSR, aesthetically closer to the CL-X. Here, the CFMoto not only needs to have the right price tag to earn the part it deserves, as the engine has dynamic features that can put it on par with the competition, with a price tag that is just an attraction to attract customers. attract the attention of potential customers. Buyer.


The Ride by Wire feature does not have the performance issues of the first generation, and due to its existence, CFMoto can add two different mappings easily and inexpensively. Although they will never be used, they are there to enrich the device. In this particular test, there are likely to be two 700 CL-Xs. We have yet to receive the ECU upgrade that everything that reaches their buyers hands carries, which leaves the gas cap with no intermediate states and acts as an ON-OFF switch. 


The second is normal, with the upgrade. The throttle response is direct but with an incremental step, allowing the sports map to be used in any situation, acting as an ally when driving fast. The second map, appearing as eco, as opposed to the name rain it might have been, caused riders to start using it more. Basically, the difference of the latter is that it does not allow the gas valve to be fully opened, which can also be done manually. However, it's not something as terrible as the algorithm, it's good that it's there.


When driving, the 700 CL-X shows it can sport clearly. It can take turns with precise and completely predictable behavior. Its big secret and at the same time its advantage in fast speeds is the frame, since the fork and front brake in such situations are not their strong points. Of course, getting a good, well-built frame is more difficult than adjusting the forks properly or mounting a second disc up front to avoid the driver's distortion when braking hard. It's also the difference between a twenty thousand euro sports bike and a much cheaper one. 


On a twisty road where cc can't make a difference, the same rider can keep the same speed as even 300cc bikes can stand out. There are very few cases from China that can maintain the fast pace without the stakes skyrocketing. The 700 CL-X is one of them.

Perodua Axia Electric - EV Innovations MyKar 3.0 detailed

Written by Dean Watsonn on the 5th of December 2022 at 02:05

Wapcar Automotive News – In its place inside the engine compartment are the mechanical and electronic elements of the powertrain, relying on a 23 kWh battery pack to provide the necessary power. Perodua Axia colour is attractive but it cannot cover the light on its battery. The battery offers a range of about 220 km on a full charge, and the built-in 6 kW charger means the device can be recharged in about four hours. The Type 2 AC charging port is neatly stored behind Axia's fuel tank cap.


Unlike the original MyKar, which had a 10 kWh battery (later 28.7 kWh in the 2.0 version) located under the rear seats, the location here was chosen due to plenty of space and also because there was no need to tinker with the rear. after. . chair in any way.


As Ahmad Zaki Yaacob, head of EV Innovations said, the goal was to keep the project simple and retain the functions and features of Axia as much as possible, showing what could be done as a transformation. direct. The seats are still original, so are the rearview mirrors, in the old MyKar including the camera system and 2 LCD screens inside the car.


While the original MyKar used a solid-state air conditioning system and separate batteries for power, the Axia still uses the original AC system, with a 12-volt controller handling the distribution needed for the flow. electricity and light. parts and accessories, all battery powered. The inclusion of an electric powertrain added weight to the vehicle. The Axia base weighs 820 kg and the electrification has added almost 70 kg to the mass. That gives it the same weight as the previous MyKar, which has a DK Composites fiberglass body - inspired by a Honda Jazz - sitting on a trapezoidal/tubular frame made by EV Innovations. export. It weighs 900 kg. The hub motor is the same as before, but the controller and software are new


Like its predecessor, the Axia Electric is configured with the same rear-wheel drive setup and 12kW dual hub motor as on the previous MyKar, although the company says a different controller is now used. , it's easier to do. Axia uses 14-inch 5-spoke dual-spoke alloy wheels as before, with a choice of wheel size to make room for a mid-mounted engine. This setup also means the rear wheel sticks out to one side, which is inevitable with the wheel hub, despite the new axle.


Power remains the same, at 24kW (32hp, but could double to 48kW or 64hp peak), while torque is now listed at 100kg/m (980Nm), despite reports that the amount of traction provided will be less than this. In terms of performance, Axia Electric has a top speed of 128 km / h and 0-100 km / h in about 11 seconds. Acceleration time from 0 to 100 km/h is 16.7 seconds.


Inside, the prototype has a large Android head mounted in the center console. This not only provides a remote display of various EV powertrain parameters, but also handles the infotainment aspects. Elsewhere, a small Jaguar-like spinning wheel in the center selects the driving modes (R, N, D). Like the original version, we drove the Axia Electric for a short distance and the guise difference, essentially the same powertrain in a complete commercial monolithic chassis, clearly shows when it's a few hundred meters down the road.


Firstly, things are now more cohesive and car-like, which is not surprising given the foundation of MyKar's old auto kit. As before, the powertrain feels quite responsive, easier to control than gong. There's a noticeable hum from the engine at start-up (and when it's finally stopped), but when in motion, the system moves the car smoothly through the speed range.


It's not a long ride, but it's still easy to feel the intricacies of incorporating the right chassis into the mix. At around 60-70 km/h, the car handles and feels like a normal Axia, with the stock suspension showing good overall compliance, only the rear wheel is wider. after hardness.


We asked Zaki why he chose Axia over Myvi for the project and his answer was that the car was chosen because it was cheap, and to see how the system would shape the product. basic product, excluding the Axia price. As before, EV Innovations is using Axia Electric as a testbed to showcase the technology's capabilities. The company says the modular system can be adapted to multiple cars, with vehicle-switching capabilities. convenience from ICE, if the law changes this in the future. 

Honda Winner X for the Asian market has been launched

Written by Dean Watsonn on the 2nd of December 2022 at 04:22

Autofun Philippines – Honda continues to produce the Winner X for the Asian market, with an engine based on the CBR 150 and styling reminiscent of the CBR 1000! And we all know how "repairable" these machines are! Other engines of the same brand, Honda Supra GTR 150 price Philippines will also be of interest below.


The duck looks like a Supersport

We are not only here in Greece ... "burning" with super ducks, because in Southeast Asia, but models of this genre are also a timeless attraction for young people and not only. 24 hours ago Honda introduced the new Winner X, the model we met a few years ago called the Supra GTR 150. When you're young and your car is an extension of your style and expression of personality. yours you need to stand out at first sight and Winners do it easily:

It is painted in the colors and graphics of the CBR 1000 RR-R SP, with red, blue and white on the plastic rims and yellow. The front also follows the same philosophy, with two horizontal lights side by side, a hallmark of CBR.


150cc 15.4 hp engine for thrills

The engine of Honda Winner X is based on the very successful mechanical platform of the Honda CBR 150, ensuring a capacity of 15.4 horsepower, which is certainly more than enough for vivid performance from a vehicle weighing 155 kg. . The gearbox is a 6-speed, ie with a manual clutch, for that motoring feel.


At the peripheral level, Winner X is equipped with telescopic forks in the front suspension and a single shock absorber at the rear, while the brake system consists of front and rear discs. The model even has a keyless start system!


Price equivalent to 2000 euros

The new Honda Winner X, according to information, will have a selling price in Vietnam of 50.56 million VND, equivalent to 1,960 Euros at the direct exchange rate! In fact, it turns out that Winner is cheaper than its direct competitor in the Vietnamese market, Yamaha Exciter. So why isn't the new model also available in Greece? The answer probably lies in the need to harmonize it with the Euro 5 specifications to reach Europe, which is probably not (yet) on Honda's agenda...


Link engine:

Honda Super GT


See the latest Honda Supra GTR and Yamaha MX King prices


Honda Supra GTR 150 and Yamaha MX King 150 are here to enliven the 150cc superbike segment in Indonesia. Playing in the same segment, but both bring their own advantages, both in terms of design and features and performance.


Yamaha provided a refresh of the previous look of the MX King 150 in September 2021. This motorcycle received a special paint color to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Yamaha World Grand Prix. Meanwhile, Honda has no changes this year for the Supra GTR 150.


On paper, the Yamaha MX King 150 is based on a 150cc, SOHC, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled engine. This machine is capable of developing a maximum capacity of 15.1 hp at 8,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 13.8 Nm at 7,000 rpm. All that power is transmitted through a 5-speed powertrain. MX King 150 Yamaha World Grand Prix 60th Anniversary and Honda Supra GTR 150


Meanwhile, Honda Supra GTR 150 is equipped with a 149.16cc, DOHC, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled engine with automatic blower. The power generated is 16 hp at 9,000 rpm and 14.2 Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm. Power output is combined with a 6-speed drivetrain.


October 2022, how much is the price of the latest Honda Supra GTR 150 and Yamaha MX King 150? For the record, all these prices are taken from each manufacturer's official website and are on their way in Jakarta. These prices are still subject to change depending on the policy of each agent and region.