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My fellow Gamereactor companions....

This is a month of choices, and I'm not talking about whatever choices you do in your everyday life. I'm talking about the choice you will have after you have read this blog.

Because, on, something known as Avatardagen or "The avatarday" in english is about to come. It's an event where everybody on Gamereactor vote for their favorite avatar and on 1 june everybody will swap their original avatars for the one they have chosen.

And the reason I made this blog is because I need your help to make one special avatar win this year, and that avatar is no one else but.....


Yes! That's right people. Pacman is my nominee and as I said before, I need your help to make him win. Unfortunately I don't have the official Pacman-avatar for you to look at but that's no problem. All you have to do is follow the link below and write: I vote for: Avatar: Pacman If you want you can also vote on your favorite signature that everybody will have to use on 1 june.

Gamereactor-user Ridley will post a list with every contribution that you can vote on after every page-update so it shouldn't be any trouble with finding the nominated avatars and signatures.

That's all for now and Remember: Vote Pacman for avatar 2009!

Link to the avatarday-thread