In anticipation of the Vita

In anticipation of the Vita

Written by Benke on the 15th of February 2012 at 17:10

New hardware always excites me, and to be honest since I never really got on the 3DS I feel an urgent need to get my hands on a new handheld. Great timing then that PS Vita is just around the bend, but I must say I'm a bit worried about what I interpret as a lukewarm hype for the device. It has not done as well as expected in Japan (although it really needs a Monster Hunter type success story to truly break through over there), and well, judging from what I hear and read there aren't too many gamers out there who can't wait to buy one at launch.

In many ways the Vita is your dream handheld. Dual analogues, touchscreen and what appears to be a wholehearted and accessible digital strategy... and that brilliant screen that just oozes of quality. And with the line up that is available from day one it's hard to see how you could go wrong... still I have a creeping feeling that the mismanagement and failure of PSP over here is going to come back and haunt Sony. I hope not, but the risk seems great.

Well, business analysis aside I'm happy to say I'm getting a Vita at launch, and most likely I'm going to download Touch My Katamari straight away. I'm also intrigued by Escape Plan. And well, you can never go wrong with Wipeout. The only problem I see is the battery time, hopefully more planes will come equipped with power plugs in every seat in the future...