Swedish Award gossip

Written by Benke on the 16th of March 2009 at 11:01

The annual Dataspelsgalan (Video Game Awards) went down last week (I have recovered now). GTA IV took both Game of the Year, and People's Game of the Year. And even though the local distributor managed to break one of the awards in the minutes after the ceremony there was no doubt Rockstar were the big winners of the night. Another moment that stood out was when noone came on stage to claim the RPG of the year award for Fallout 3. Perhaps Ubisoft had forgotten they published the game over here?

Digital Illusions took home the trophy for best Swedish made game of the year with Mirror's Edge. The other nominees were Battlefield: Bad Company, Bionic Commando: Rearmed and Penumbra: Black Plague. I talked to Ulf Andersson, of Grin who made BC:R afterwards.

"Ulf: BC:R actually sold more than Mirror's Edge. It did just 350000 copies.

Me: So you beat them where it counts?

Ulf: Yeah, that's right (laughs)."

We need a bit more drama in the Swedish Games Industry. Fight, fight, fight!

I also had a chat with movie director turned game designer Josef Fares (best known for his movies Jalla! Jalla! and Kopps). He is making an adventure game called Brothers and is looking for funding. "It's going to be something completely different, something you haven't seen before" he promised, and he was confident they would find funding.

On a personal not the best news of the night might have been that a certain closed beta is about to kick off soonish ("spring"). Press and invites only, but soon I will be playing Starcraft 2 at home and that makes a sad panda glad.