Risk and rewards of Resident Evil 5

Written by Benke on the 9th of March 2009 at 14:42

Capcom took a great risk when they decided to make Resident Evil 5 into a tag team experience. Co-op is great, but most players are likely to experience Resident Evil 5 alone, at least the first few times they play it, and then they are stuck with an A.I. controlled Sheva Alomar. And although I must confess to having some thick headed friends, no one I know is as thick as the computer controlled Sheva Alomar I've been spending some time with. You have to save her (repeatedly), and when you have to replay a level over and over again because she can't stay away from the chainsaw wielding Majinis. Well, let's just say I just the b word on occasion.

Playing Resident Evil 5 with a friend is a totally different experience and you can use a great deal of tactic to best exploit the weaknesses of enemies and bosses. This is the way Resident Evil 5 is meant to be experienced.

Either way I can't help, but feel a bit disappointed in Resident Evil 5. It's not that it's too short, (ten hours or thereabouts is just right), and it's not just the A.I. or the traditionally stiff controls, it's the lack of any real puzzles to challenge the player that really saddens me. Resident Evil 5 is a pure action game, linear as can be and with a map that tells you exactly where to go at any point. But with that said Resident Evil 5 also provides me with the over the top moments that I've come to love and mouth watering boss fights.