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Personal Highlights in 2014

Written by Benke on the 23rd of December 2014 at 14:36

Games: Dragon Age: Inquisition was my personal game of the year, and I spent around 100 hours taking down all the dragons, finishing my Inquisition and mopping most of the side content Bioware offered up in this expansive game. Highly recommended. But enjoying a Bioware RPG is hardly surprising - instead the games that truly surprised me in 2014 were Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. Two games I wasn't expecting to enjoy quite as much as I did.

Shows: No GDC this year for me. But E3 was spectacular and Gamescom was also a lot of fun. A particularly remember the interview I did with SCEE president Jim Ryan, and in retrospect the meetings at Crytek's booth held a lot of significance (as we later learned of the troubles the company was dealing with at the time). As far as Gamescom goes I remember interviewing British industry legends Peter Molyneux and David Braben back-to-back and being blown away by Michel Ancel's Wild.

News: Making an hour long livestream each Friday covering the news of the week was a welcome new feature in my work week - and a nice way of sorting through the headlines covered in the previous five days. Something we'll surely continue in 2015.

New-Gen: 2014 was the year when I fully transitioned from old-gen to new-gen. I've barely touched my PS3 and Xbox 360 since the start of the year and there's no looking back.

TV: For my part True Detective was the show of 2014. I've tried to get into many shows this year most recently Marco Polo. But where Marco failed True Detective succeeded. It completely changed my feelings about Matthew McConaughey.

Family: Getting Sherlock. My little family got a small but feisty addition this year as we added Yorkshire Terrier Sherlock to our pack. I'm glad to say he's now house trained and for the most part a good boy.

Personal Highlights in 2014