What is old shall once again be new...

Written by Benke on the 13th of February 2009 at 15:10

So here we are... Gamereactor International is now more of a fully fledged website complete with reviews, previews, community functions... all the stuff we have in the other countries.

I was sort of fond of the old blog style site, but this site allows for more content, more interactivity, well simply put there will be more. The news page still retains that look though so if you prefer it - bookmark the news section (do people still bookmark stuff?). We are slowly scaling up operations and hopefully you will see some new faces around here in the coming weeks.

It's an exciting spring in terms of major releases and announcements, but there is a huge shadow hanging over the industry with job cuts and closed studios reported on a weekly basis. Let's hope the old "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" is true for the games industry.