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Backlog growing...

Written by Benke on the 10th of October 2014 at 12:33

It's that time of the year. More titles than there's time to play and with that there is a sense of guilt. I still haven't booted up Destiny as there has been more pressing concerns on my table. The game is downloaded sitting on my hard drive. Maybe this weekend. Then again I'll probably once again have more pressing matters - playing a couple of games for review and slowly edging my way towards 100 gold medals in Defense Grid 2. Lately, Pix the Cat has been my go to "just one more try" game. That's a PS Plus title and those are really adding to the backlog - I always make it a point to download at least the Vita and PS4 titles every month and I always pick up the Xbox One titles on Games with Gold. But I have to admit most remain shamefully underplayed - just like the Steam library (although mine is very small compared to colleagues of mine).

And I want to go back to Shadow of Mordor to mess with some end game stuff. tidy up a few trophies, etc. And I should really play Alien: Isolation, although I have a feeling I will hate myself for jumping into that one. With a new Civilization and the annual threat of Football Manager coming up in the next weeks things are going to get a lot worse. As always autumn is the best and worst of times for any gamer trying to keep up with all the major releases.

Backlog growing...