I'm the 15.8%

Written by Benke on the 2nd of January 2014 at 15:24

Over the holiday break I played some games that for one reason or another I didn't finish or even have time to get to. I spent a lot of time on games like Guacamelee and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (I really enjoy Sumo Digital's brand of drift/boost heavy kart racing) on PS Vita and I also spent a sizeable amount of time on the high seas completing Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag on PS4. I'm one of the 15.8% to finish the main story (if PSN stats are to be believed), and I find it fascinating to consider these percentages. Typically a game will give you a trophy or achievement within the first 30 minutes without asking a lot. In the case of Black Flag 92.6% of players have this first trophy. Since you're only part of the 100% once you've booted up the game this strikes me as a little odd. We're talking about thousands, probably tens of thousands of people who don't make it until the first trophy. Maybe they just install the game and accidentally boot up? Maybe they boot up online and continue to play offline? Who knows, but it's interesting nonetheless.

Another interesting tidbit is that Black Flag gives you the gold trophy for completing the final the final chapter (which is as simple as watching a cutscene). Strangely there is 16.2% who have finished the last playable chapter - i.e. 0.4% have stopped playing after that with only a cutscene left to watch. Maybe that's a representation of people who are in the process of completing the game?

I'm not going for the Platinum Trophy in Black Flag (got 82% of the trophies on my playthrough). Mainly cause it requires some investment into the multiplayer and I'm not really that tempted to play it - also going back to perfect the main story sequences by completing optional objectives feels too much like a chore. Then there's a trophy for sharing events online, and since I don't really know what that's about, or how I would increase my chances of doing this, it feels a bit pointless. But that's the way it should be. The platinum trophy in Black Flag sits pretty at 0.1% - ultra rare. It should be an accomplishment, both in terms of skills and time invested.

In time maybe the 15.8% completion rate will climb. It's a fairly sizeable game after all, and it's one a lot of people will take their time to fully enjoy. And it's also reasonable to assume some people will abandon the main story in favour of open world shenanigans - afterall, you're free to enjoy it any way you want. Still, it's worth considering that people who actually finish large games such as Black Flag are a small minority. And often times I'm part of the 84.2% as I tend to move on before finishing large games as other games catch my interest before I've had time to finish them.

I'm the 15.8%