Happy new year!

Happy new year!

Written by Benke on the 2nd of January 2012 at 12:34

A new year brings with it the opportunity for a fresh start and a chance to review your path in life, or so they say. I don't think you need to get a new calendar to do those things, but fair enough, it's always good to reflect. And I think a week or so off work for the three of us on staff here at Gamereactor UK will provide plenty of new ideas and improved ways of doing things we do day-to-day.

I haven't spent all that much time playing games, but I've probably put another 20 hours or so into Football Manager 2012 and Skyrim over the break. I'm actually thinking of going for a perfect gamerscore with Skyrim, it's not that difficult (albeit time consuming) and hopefully I won't tire of it before it's done.

January also means a lot of planning. On a personal note I'm moving to a larger apartment, but as far as Gamereactor goes it's the perfect time to look over what events to prioritise for this calendar year. As I spend a lot of time making sure GRTV gets the best possible interviews, and the changing winds as events like PAX and Comic-Con grow in importance are being noted. Hopefully, we'll attend both of those events this year. Nothing beats E3, of course, and Gamescom and GDC always provide us will solid amounts of content. How will TGS play out this year? Who knows... we'll have to wait and see.

Anyway, I hope all of your breaks were just as refreshing as mine - and now I just need to shake away those lingering mementos from the new year's eve party and I'll be back to full strength.