Games make for great gifts

Games make for great gifts

Written by Benke on the 8th of December 2011 at 14:03

The headline pretty much says it all. Games make great gifts, and if you're well informed you can pick up great gaming gifts on the cheap this time of year. While, most parents canvass the latest releases for fitting gifts, I'm the uncle who spots one or two older but brilliant games that may very well steal some of the attention away from FIFA, Modern Warfare, Battlefield, Halo and all the usual suspects.

I just picked up Deus Ex: Human Revolution and L.A. Noire for £10 each at Play.com's seasonal sales. Great gifts. And there is more. Got a kid looking for a racing game? Don't go the latest Need for Speed, but rather look for last year's Hot Pursuit - it's a better game and you will find it at a better price. We're at that point of the generation where there's an abundance of great slightly older games available.

But there are also digital gifts. Picking up a few extra copies of games on Steam and gifting them to friends at Christmas is a great way of getting your friends in on multiplayer titles they would otherwise overlook (while at the same time reminding them you care).

There are lots of options, but games are just a perfect fit for the holidays as people have plenty of time to experience them. And giving a game to someone who was expecting something entirely different can also be a great thing (although a bit risky).

Anyway, canvass the online shops for good deals on great games (there are plenty of cheap crap as well, so steer clear of that) - and stock up.