Officially overwhelmed

Officially overwhelmed

Written by Benke on the 16th of November 2011 at 14:08

Wow, it's been a while since I last played an Elder Scrolls game. Of course, I spent hours and hours in Oblivion, but I mainly messed around with side missions and got into the Dark Brotherhood, sucked people's blood at night and so on. It's easy to forget the number of systems that make up a game of this magnitude, the economy, the alchemy, crafting, and even if it's been somewhat streamlined, there is still a lot to learn and take in. I found myself reading up on the events of Oblivion in a book found in Skyrim recently, and books are something that can really expand the experience if you're into the world of Elder Scrolls. The history of various lands and races, clues on how to best make use of what nature affords you and much, much more can be gleaned from book shelves or found lying about here and there.

I'm not sure I will ever play Skyrim so much that I'll learn every aspect of the game, for instance I find alchemy a bit tedious even if I understand the benefits from properly mastering the craft. I will probably not take the time to get intimate with each of the many factions either, and I have no hope of completing all the major or minor side quests found throughout Skyrim. In fact, so far I haven't yet seen all that much of Skyrim, but I do know that wandering upon a giant camp could see you flung 50 feet into the air.

Strangely enough I have yet to encounter any real bugs or glitches. Sure, I saw a fox walk straight into a lake and disappear, but that probably happens in nature as well.

At times it feels overwhelming to play Skyrim, that's when I activate the main quest and get on with the dragon slaying and such. I weep for the completionists out there who feel the need to get platinum trophies or a perfect gamer score, with Skyrim it is going to take you a while.